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Idea for a VR game

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Ok so here's my idea:


First person (obviously, for VR) game, you've landed on an alien planet and there's tons of machinery/buildings etc, but there's no life-signs, and it's a big mystery why there's no life on the planet. You do stuff to uncover the mystery, maybe find out where everyone is. It should probably have a lot of suspense and be all Alien-ish and stuff.


But at the end - you discover YOU'RE A ROBOT - HENCE NO SIGNS OF LIFE!


Shortly after that, you get rebooted and go back to thinking you're a person who's just landed on an alien planet, ready to re-run the whole adventure again ad-infinitum. There should be signs of a previous person having done the same adventuring/investigation as you, and it obviously turns out at the end that it was you doing so in a previous run.


It should probably be called There Is No Life Here.

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