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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes


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1 hour ago, scottcr said:

Sake man. All I want is a HD widescreen re-release of Killer 7. That’s ALL


I'd say it's almost worth it to get a game PC for this. Almost.


As for the console re-release, that ball is in Capcom's court at the moment.

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Saw Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes in the shop earlier today. Not a full-price release it seems, yet couldn't justify a purchase.  I still have the impression it's just a quick cash-in on the NMH name and/or a random collection of quite repetitive mini-games with some Suda51-weirdness thrown in to make it sellable. And the  fact that Nate said it's "pretty pump".

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It's not a collection of mini-games. It's Diablo Lite set into different situations. Honestly, it's more a hack and slash with Suda-weirdness on top. The "six games in one angle" is marketing gone wrong. You wouldn't say Ocarina of Time is a Sokoban, My Horse Adventures and Metal Gear Solid mini-game collection, right?

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The whole minigame collection thing feels lost in translation, too.


You could say this game features six games in the game - sort of in the same way that No More Heroes had the 8 bit side jobs, the 2D sections on Shadows of the Damned and the amazing arcade games in Contact on DS.

Featuring 'games within a game' is a Suda thing - put in full effect here.

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I haven't played this yet, but I am so glad that games like this are still being made. I don't get round to playing too many games these days, so I could be wrong, but I get the impression that, Indie gaming aside,  we're in an era that priorities ease and comfort of gameplay over barmyness and creative vision. Re2make over Resi 2. That might be for the best, who knows, but I'm glad something as deliberately esoteric as this clearly is can still come out. I'm not even a big Suda fan though, so I think it's a bit sad that I'm more open to this than some of his actual fans seem to be, and I suppose that bodes badly for the future :(


I'll be buying this though. 

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Yeah, you do have a point. And truth be told the only Grasshopper games I didn't like so far, were Sine Mora (which was more Digital Reality than Grasshopper imo) and Black Knight Sword (didn't like the graphical style at all).


Next time I see Travis Strikes Again in a shop, I might go for it.



Can't beat the hardcore gamer artwork though:





Also, Grasshopper needs to bring back it's old logo. It rocked.




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While I have some memories of NMH, I don't look back on it with any great excitement or affection. I'm not quite sure why I was tempted by this, then, except that I was in the mood to shake things up a little and I'm all for auteur individuality. It's more or less what I expected, though. Lots of fourth wall breaking, videogame references and a nihilist exploitation vibe that isn't really my bag. It's probably worthwhile if you enjoy the director's other stuff but I wouldn't recommend it if the above has little appeal. It's a more slight game than No More Heroes, put it that way.


It's visually very creative and there are some great lines in there when he dares to inject a little heart but there's a lot of dialogue and exposition that doesn't do anything for me. I expect that if you enjoy this particular vein of humour, it would be quite thrilling but I prefer this particular tone in smaller doses. The actual gameplay is pretty shallow and doesn't have any personality whatsoever; Diablo-lite is a perfect description. The most telling thing I can say is that the gameplay sections last far too long and the story sections last far too long. You instantly get this intravenous espresso vibe but after a few minutes it's more like a frothy latte. There's a bit too much of everything, except mechanical depth. 


I'll probably finish it in twenty minute bursts over the next couple of months, no idea how long it is, and it'll be a good palate cleanser I'm sure. I won't be ploughing through it, though, and I'd recommend waiting for a sale. 

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36 minutes ago, Cyhwuhx said:

New update has a new intro for killer7 enthusiasts. :)


That's putting it very mildly.


Might as well post it here - spoilered just in case - as you watch it as soon as you boot Travis Strikes Again:





This is way beyond plain fan service - as Travis Strikes Again could have (sort of) been perceived before this new intro. This video ties so many things in the Sudaverse together, it's not even funny.


Glee :D

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On 17/01/2019 at 15:13, MW_Jimmy said:


Too late. Already have checked out the ending spoiler, and I'm glad I did because it's definitely not a good reason to play through this, IMHO.


I'm sure the references to his previous works are good, but as someone who skipped NMH2 because it didn't live up to the brilliance of the first title this is a really easy pass for me.


Just to come back to the thread, I did eventually pick this up and enjoyed it an awful lot.


It's not really the game I thought it would be and is instead a very personal deconstruction and reflection of SUDA51 himself. A memoir of sorts to past projects and ideas. Travis is the perfect character to be part of this conversation between the creator and the gamer.


The combat while basic, felt therapeutic and old school enough to rattle through and enjoy. It wasn't really clear that this would be the case beforehand to me.


Instead of being some tacky cash-in on the NMH brand (which sounds almost ridiculous as I type it) it's a game to build the studio chops in using Unreal Engine and do a bit of 'Kill The Past' and, hopefully, re-energise SUDA51.

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MW_Jimmy is right on the money now. I'm replaying Travis Strikes Again now and liking it even better than at launch :)


It's such an emotional, autobiograpy of a game. Suda51's return to form after a decade of more 'superficial' (yet still wacky) titles which were clearly meant to please Western gamers better, such as Lollipop Chainsaw. This despite his 'auteur' way of game making (e.g. killer7 and No More Heroes) resulting in far more meaningful experiences.


Interestingly, Travis Strikes Again was panned for its shallow gameplay (including by myself), though that's actually a staple of Suda's better games - such as TheSilverCase and Flower, Sun and Rain.


It's both a shame yet understandable how TSA got so horribly underrated. Fortunately, it did well enough to let Suda work on No More Heroes 3. And that's by far my most anticipated next game, if only after the way the amazing trailer ties in with so many stuff from TSA :D

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