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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes


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Latest trailer:




No thanks. NMH and NMH2 on Switch, kthx. On that one Suda51 had the following to say:


"I definitely want to do that if possible. On the top of my list are No More Heroes 1 and 2. The IP is currently shared between Grasshopper Manufacture and Marvelous, so we are talking about how that´s possible.”


On the possibility of NMH3 and an NMH amiibo he had this to say:


“Ahh, I want one myself!

The truth is that I already have an outline prepared for No More Heroes 3 and if Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is successful it could really lead to that. The story of Travis Strikes Again is actually going to connect with what is going on in No More Heroes 3. Right now I’m focused on my new team, which is composed of veterans and new young staff members and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is the first attempt for us to create a game. I want to give them more experience, so that when the time for No More Heroes 3 comes we’ll do it right and hopefully have the chance to release an amiibo.

I even have a very concrete idea on what the amiibo will be like. I’m pretty confident that it’s nothing that anyone would expect. People would probably imagine Travis holding the Beam Katana, but the amiibo I want to create is Travis saving his game while sitting on the toilet .”


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5 minutes ago, Kayin Amoh said:

Reviews are starting to appear, think they may have jumped the gun slightly as I think it's still technically embargoed for another hour or two.




Nah, 3pm CET was five minutes ago.


I don't think this is quite as bad as EG make out but it's pretty pump.

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Yer man Scullion's review is good.




Best of all, the game’s fifth stage… well, that would be telling. Be wary, because a lot of sites will be reporting this in their news sections or giving it away in reviews: if you’re familiar with Suda51’s past work you may want to try to reach this section without having it spoiled for you first. But there’s a reveal here that will drop the jaws of fans of his output (and Grasshopper’s games in general), concluding with an exciting little revelation.

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It's easy to dismiss this as a poorly made, shallow game that only appeals to people who like weird humour and numerous references.


But then that could be said of any Suda51 game, really.


I scored this a 7.5/10 in my Dutch review for Gamer.nl. The gameplay is indeed on the shallow and weak side, but the batshit situations you encounter in various ways make up for that.


Also, I especially liked the way Suda completely bashes a certain AAA publisher into the ground by dedicating an entire level filled with critical notes to one of his earlier games. It even starts off with a major character being killed just like that:



EA and Shadows of the Damned


AMA, by the way :)

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Chinstrokers? I doubt it.


Anyway, I guess I can now say that I've also been playing it and no, it's not very good. There are amazing moments in it though, especially one that I'm not allowed to mention for another two days (and wouldn't anyway - it shouldn't be spoiled, but will), and my absolute favourite NMH character shows up along the way.


Unfortunately, it's undercut by the gameplay itself in a lot of ways. There are bits reminiscent of Nier in there, where the gameplay takes odd turns, but the enemies are too basic to make it all that engaging. The ones who can block effectively boil down to hammering the strong attack on them until their shield breaks, at which point they'll block again. Special attacks and recharging skills can help out here, but just a little but more complexity in the combat system would have done wonders. 


Also, each individual twist related to each game lasts just a bit too long - the maze with levers might have been cute for a few rounds, but it goes on forever.


So! I find myself in the odd situation of thinking a game's just okay at best but wish it sells billions in hopes of the franchise continuing with a decent budget behind it. 

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