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11 minutes ago, Triple A said:

yeah go on then. not done it yet and may take a while to get new headset working though. should be ok 

thanks mate. I assure you the loot will be great. I can guarantee a drop per encounter. 

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thanks again for stepping in at short notice @Triple A 

we only did baths with internet Kyle who vanished into the internet ether. we are talking about continuing on Monday. so far we've got the following crew for Monday:

@Siri (confirmed over chat today)


@Larsen B (confirmed over chat today)

@Moodmon (pending confirmation)

@Karde (hall pass pending)

@Mau (pending confirmation)


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A bitter chapter in the saga of the Positivity Club's illustrious history. Partially, because I'm fucking writing this time, and unlike that thespian Jonzo I only know how to communicate through the medium of Youtube and decade-old memes. Tragic.

After nothing but a torrid mess of messages from Oz, and Luke Smith's gung-ho approach to Server-side maintenance because IT'S CLEARLY HIS FUCKING FAULT AND SO WAS 1UP'S DOWNFALL, the ragtag group of @Oz, @Mau, @Karde, @Larsen B, @Triple A, and yours truly stepped up to defy the Emperor-gone-alcoholic, Calus.

Even with the standard 'Wait, how did I die at the cannons' chatter, something felt.. Off, with Triple A running around and murdering all lifeforms inconsequentially. In a game that involves running around and murdering all lifeforms consequentially, this was clearly a worrying subject for the moral compass of the Positivity Club.

We soon realised, upon completing the challenge, that running the raid would be a problem - Triple A required more time to understand Discord, and this became a literal barrier for communication - something fundamental to learning the raid and something that can't be done with interpreted dance, a staple of the Destiny community.

Time was moving on, and the phenom only known as 'Internet Kyle' showed up - despite being perceived by the author of this chapter to be nothing more than Jonzo's missing DPS in a phantasmal spirit, this manifestation was able to communicate via Ouiji, 

We stood there for some time, with a heavy decision in our hearts. Karde - strong, brave Karde, unlike the cowardly infidel Luke Smith, took charge of the situation.

Open Scene.

We love you,  @Triple A. If you need a runthrough of how Discord's voice gubbins works, give me a shout - I'll be honest, I didn't have a scooby about actually joining a discord channel until a good year or so back. Also, I saw you play Tekken 7 so that means you should also party to murder @Moodmon's Leo.


The baths, possibly through a thousand yard stare, ended up taking only one go, with everyone running like a well-oiled machine. Following which, we got to the gauntlet after running through our most beloved English swears, only to find that once we got to the gauntlet, Kyle got an unexpected call:



Jonzo's DPS manifestation also died. My only assumption is that Jonzo met the ground during 'One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor' at that very point during his work outing.

And so, the sad affair that was this evening was brought to a clo... Well, not really, we fucking shat all over some idiots with staplers in Crucible. But we did have to stop the raid.

Calus' interior, expertly crafted by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, alludes us for another evening. But, much like Changing Rooms, there will always be an abode to ruin, when the Positivity Club comes into town.


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The game is thin, up until you beat the story - the game's driven by post-completion activities (Nightfall, Heroic Strikes, Raid). You don't even get half of the fast travel points until you're about level 16.


That, and about half of the guns in the game (and what 95% of players use) aren't available until level 20. Which you get boosted to instantly after beating the campaign.

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Well, my prediction wasn't that far off. Much like a Tequila brunch, the Positivity Club's work was short, sharp, and made an absolutely disgustuting mess of the furniture. 8.30pm Start, and by 9.15pm we done both remaining challenge rooms AND Calus.

Still reeling from the death of our good friend @Triple A and @Jonzo's spirit animal, 'Internet Kyle', The intrepid explorers - @Karde, @Moodmon, @Mau, @Larsen B, @Oz and some other twat lined up at the obnoxiously golden gates to play Knock Down Ginger with some fat alien overlord. And egg his car.

Unfortunately for our luxurious friend,  there wasn't any foreplay beforehand - Both the Gauntlet and the Pleasure Gardens were dealt with in one go, with three of our clan attaining Oscars for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, While the dogs were dispatched within two rounds (and promptly shat on with Supers).

Calus himself was a tricky combatant, if only for the fact that he noticed that @Larsen B was simply doing too much damage, and promptly used Punkbuster to fuck him off the server. After a stern written letter to Blizzard (because let's face it, Luke Smith has a pile of glued together death threats to go through), Larsen was allowed back on and, with a couple of goes (along with ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL AMMO), Calus got his shit slapped. Everyone rejoiced, and Mob Justice SMGs were given to everyone.

And by everyone, I meant me. I got everyone's Mob Justice SMG. SHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.

With a fair bit of time in our hands, the crew decided to take a trip into the Underbelly of Leviathan - a complex system of tunnels, platforming challenges and stealth puzzles (and by 'Stealth', I mean 'Everyone runs to a single turret and blows it the fuck up with Rocket Launchers'). Laughs were had, deaths were plenty, and everyone got Exotics. So that was nice, apart from the part where a massive fan killed everyone more than Calus.

And, lo, the victorious crew rode off into the sunset, and with the Dragonballs revived everyone because it's just there as a catch-all for our friends who couldn't make tonight.

A new challenge approaches with Mercury - And with new recruits looming in the form of @Triple A, @flight and @sbrandon111, the Positivity Club will at least pledge to make some fucking joke about it relating to a BBC reality show.

Hey, it's an infinite forest. Take what you're given.


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Apparently, we done a raid. I can't remember it.


POTENTIAL RAIDS: TUESDAY 11TH DECEMBER (2 SLOTS), THURSDAY 13TH DECEMBER (4 SLOTS). SOUND OFF: @Triple A, @Jonzo, @sbrandon111, @flight, @spork


(Seriously though, turn up if you can, I need a fucking nap after this weekend)

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Hey, no worries - the group's made up of people with kids, spouses, unreasonable shift work and meth* addiction, so a house move is no problem. If anything, it's handy that Destiny 2 respects people's time by drip-feeding powerful gear every week.



*I meant Path of Exile, and using X-Box controllers on destiny afterwards


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Technically though, it is purism, as the original game only came out on consoles. Checkmate, Atheists.



And that the game is heavily geared towards ADS and anything that circumvents that makes it a point and click adventure that makes Broken Sword weep


RE: Tonight, I'll be on, but I'm working late and then want to polish off the last act of PoE. I'll be on discord through the evening - if we rustle up a six-person cell for Leviathan, great, if not I'll be on later to start weekly Flashpoint/Nightfall/Clan/Heroic/Crucible Engrams.




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1 hour ago, Siri said:

I can be in, but a 9pm start and the subsequent finish would probably fuck my shit up for work the day after. 

Anyone want in so I can bench? @Jonzo, @Karde?

We are doing the new raid. We can pull the plug around 11 and be sensible. Think karde has dad duties. 

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