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Clippa what are the names of the weapons? Some weapons have a perk called explosive payload which means that half of their damage is an area of effect explosion. So while it may look like they're doing less they're actually advantageous because the AOE doesn't suffer from damage drop off at range. Basically it increases the range your weapon can be effective at as well as being useful for damaging multiple grouped up red bar enemies at once.


Oh and Sunshot is the best weapon in the game imho. You definitely want to be using that! :D

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13 minutes ago, clippa said:

I still don't think I'm understanding the stats on these weapons.

I've got this bog standard handcannon that does around 630 damage and then I just got a couple of purple handcannons with higher attack values and higher impact and they're doing like half the damage, 300 and odd. I've been upgrading the sunshot too which now has a higher attack value than my bog standard handcannon but I'm still not using it as it's still only doing half the damage from the same distance.

I don't know what I'm missing. It's all very confusing. Having to go the farm to do stuff as well, fuck that, just gimme my bastarding loot! :lol:

The weapons have an attack value that you can increase by infusing. That value does a check between that, your overall power level and the power level defense of the enemy you are attacking. The result would provide your actual damage which is a measure of the total potential damage of the weapon times this modifier determined by the difference in power. 


Each weapon has a rounds per minute value which indicates the weapon archetype. Either a fast shooting low damage per shot or the opposite. The weapons then have stats which serve as an indication of how the weapon behaves. But there are hidden stats which are important. For example weapon handling and target acquisition are very important as they affect how quickly you can aim down sights and how sticky the reticle is. Even with precision of a mouse, target acquisition will cause the reticle to stick to targets slightly and also affects hit registration. 

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1 minute ago, Jonzo said:

Yep. Should be fine to do both days. If that changes I’ll let you know. Tuesday might be slightly preferable tho


Don't forget that next Tuesday is after the reset, so if we only do that night then we miss out on this week entirely. I should be good for next Tuesday too.

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I think between us learning our roles as the team, the increase in our power, and the regular practice, finishing this will be fairly easy in no time. it is super impressive we were able to get all the way to calus considering that we had to explain every encounter from the start. and jonzo was doing almost no damage and averaged about 8-9 kills per every two hours. :D 

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13 minutes ago, Karde said:

Jonzo don't listen to the mean man!! Want a cuddle?

Yeh actually kidding aside. I had a great time yesterday. And appreciate everyone committing and turning up on time and ready. That was really awesome. I only wish we had been able to launch the raid quicker. That was the only real challenge.:D also appreciated how much fun everyone was having which was kind of contagious. Specially liked the C Nolan jokes. I was still for chuckling this morning on that one. "Where's my fucking Oscar?"

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Haha. I'll never be able to live that 529 DPS down.


It was so much fun, properly funny from beginning to end. Kyle piping up every now and again with his brutal mug offs. Would be great to get the same team together again!

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As for dates, that Tuesday and Sunday should be fine. 


The great thing about rllmuk is how fantastic the Destiny community is.  Same in vanilla Destiny, same on PC.  Good guys having a laugh, not getting too salty about struggling on some bits.  I've tried LFG in the past and this place is so much better.


As for the raid, rather than just take the piss out of the wonderful damage values from certain party members we should all be constructive and offer helpful advice.  I recommend investing in the following.












You're very welcome.

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1 hour ago, Oz said:

and Tuesday as well Karde? or instead of? I'd be keen to set the two dates up if possible. looks like Jonzo and Mau can do either or both. Did I understand that right chaps? 

Sorry something came up for Sunday, so Tuesday better for me,  or i could join the subs

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Put me down as reserves - I'd like to see the raid, but having a group in the Overlords smash Calus in his stupid gross face so I get some purple bullshit is far more beneficial.


...Oh, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Siri. I've seen some shit, and I know Moodmon all the way back to when Bordersdown was NTSC.

Obviously, as a person who owns a delicious Cherry MX 60% Keyboard with custom keycaps, and a fine Logitech G502, There's nothing I love more than shitting on people in the crucible.


...While reclining with my XB One Controller.



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32 minutes ago, Larsen B said:

Are we approaching enough bodies for a second PC Raid team?


Quite possibly yes and I'm sure people's schedules differ week by week so if we have a couple of groups going then people can shift between them. The original team isn't raiding this week for example so there may be people with free evenings who would be happy to run a raid. It might be worth putting a complete roster together online so we have a better idea of how many people are interested. We also have a good discussion going on Discord which is great for arranging things so if anybody hasn't yet joined I'd suggest you get your butts in gear! :P

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We have thus far in team OG:

@Karde (fireteam lead and in charge of launching the raid - i.e. the hard part)

@Internet Kyle (the ejaculator)



@Jonzo (official team scribe and historian - very low DPS)

@Oz (Backoffice, scheduling and admin)

The next scheduled raid is on Tuesday 21 November at 815pm (after reset)


We also had the following volunteered subs:


@Larsen B





Other people playing on PC that have been here and on discord from time to time are:

@Triple A




*warning: these players may be using an xbox pad




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Cheers, @Jonzo.


Just played up to the first mission after you get to the social hub. Nobody does skyboxes like Bungie - game looks gorgeous and controls great on m&kb. Just need to get a nice scout rifle for maximum headshot satisfaction.


It runs beautifully too. I'm averaging about 100fps at 1440p. Feels so good.

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