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Destiny 2 PC players


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Well, that shouldn't be too much of a problem - Larsen's not in until 9 anyway. Worst comes to worst, we can go and raid underbelly (LET ME USE MY KEYS PLZ), and then go do the first part of Eater of Worlds to get that chest.

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I suspect @Karde might know one of them - he mentioned on the Discord that one of his friends has been playing, and signed him up to the group.


We've only had one introduction recently, though. Odd. The other must really like my teabagging technique in the crucible

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Regarding the clan stuff, it's set up so it requires approval - Our good X--Box friend @tnman should sort you out with that. To join... I can't really remember. I'm pretty sure I looked for the clan via the tab in-game or through the Destiny App. You'll want rllmuk Overlords, the X-Box clan, as we've all banded together on that clan. Don't worry if you're part of the PS4 clan, as your Battle.net account counts as a separate thing.

One thing we should mention is that Discord is what we use for voice chat and generally calling each other twats - Destiny's built-in Voice Chat is scratchy and awful. it's highly recommended to get yourself some and/or let us know what you are on there so we can send you an invite to our channel as well.

One last thing - As you can tell from the late reply, the Positivity Club is on holiday! I think our next raid time is likely the first Tuesday in January, as everyone is tending to work/kids/wives. You'll see who's on once you're in the clan and/or Discord though, so no problems there.

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chaps, now that this fucking ordeal of the holidays is nearly over, we return to our regularly scheduled programming. may I please get a show of hands for our first (of many) raid in 2018? the team as per 'the spreadsheet' is on 02 January (Tuesday) 815pm:

@Karde (confirmed)

@Moodmon (confirmed)

@Larsen B (confirmed)

@Mau (confirmed)

@Oz (confirmed)

@Siri (confirmed)


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