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Destiny - Rllmuk Renegades - Now with added Clan Roster

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I would like to join the clan. 


PSN Name = Yiggy


I will click the button now. 


I am not a big historical destiny player however I put in about 30 hours early on into the first game so know the mechanics. I am totally on the D2 hype train though and am picking up my upgrade of a PS4 Pro and D2 at midnight tonight. Hoping the clan stuff gives me some focus. :)

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Clan page is now active. Get a clan banner from Hawthorne (Lady with the hawk) and contribute to clan levels simply by playing.


The roster on the clan page (L1 on PS4 while on the character screen in game) doesnt seem to be working at the moment (constantly "loading").

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Public Service Announcement. 


You have to have your in-game Clan Banner within Character Inventory to put points into the clan. (The clan banner will go into the bottom right slot of your character screen.) You need to visit Hawthorne to pick up your clan banner, or you won't be registering anything.

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Looking to sign up for the PS4 clan.


I'm a new member to the forum but I've been about a while and have games with some of you back on the original Xbox (rtcw/halo2). 


I've posted in the introduction section but I have a headset and when online I'll join in.


PSN mintsauc313

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30 minutes ago, Gorf King said:


That's odd - we're not at max yet. Not quite. Will be soon, though.


Just tried again, full message is “The maximum number of Clan Members has been reached for this Clan. No more can join until others leave the Clan.”

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Ah, ok. That's odd, because it's not full - not quite. Nowt much I can do about it though.


I guess I'll be doing the dread thing of going through the clan member names and trying to see who's not really active once the third party tools come on that let you. And then pruning a bit if I can. But first I'll have to boot the PC members and maybe the Xbox ones. And anyone who's pending but hasn't bothered posting in the thread in Online will just get reject notice for now. That should free up a few spaces.

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I've taken the dread measures of:

  • deleting any pending applications from people who haven't posted in this thread (sorry)
  • booting every Xbox and PC member (including myself, so the Xbox branch now no longer officially exists) - apologies for that, too

So there should be space now - we're at 87. Thing is, we were only at 95 before, so it's all a bit rum.


Join away. But in a couple of weeks time I'll review and maybe start having to boot for inactivity if there is still a demand from active players who can't get in. Ideally, you'll be an active participant in clan-based Nightfalls, raids etc.




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  • Pob changed the title to Destiny - Rllmuk Renegades - Now with added Clan Roster

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