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Lino printing

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7 hours ago, Jonnysaxc said:

Can I ask if any of you talented so and so's do lino printing

I'm after some tips on multi colour prints, how best to make sure it all lines up accurately


You need to build a registration frame, you can make one out of thick cardboard. Cut out a section of the cardboard the same size as the paper you're printing on (A4, A3 etc.), then take the section you've cut out and cut a section out of that the same size as your lino block. Then you can put your paper in the outer frame, put the inner frame on top, and put your lino block in the inner frame - everything should line up the same each time. The thicker the frames the easier it makes things.


Then you can either make up multiple lino blocks of the same size with the different colour layers on (layout / tracing paper is really handy for this) and use the frames to line everything up or go down the "suicide"/reduction print track, where you draw your whole image on to the block and carve out each colour in turn going from light to dark. Google "reduction print" and there's loads of tutorials and videos on how it works.

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