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Snowfall - The crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles during the beginning of the 1980s. [better than Breaking Bad]


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So that rock clearly has some effect as I've now smoked all of the available episodes of Snowfall, the last thing I watched which was interesting enough to do that was Ronald D. Moore's reboot of Battlestar Galactica which was pretty fracking great for most of its run (So Say We All) when it was dumped on iPlayer.


This is a very consistent show in terms of the quality of it, and I noticed they let themselves go a bit more experimental every so often with the filming of it from S03E10 onwards. Having the actor who played one of the lieutenants of Escobar sort of reprise his role from Narcos was a curious bit of casting as he wasn't playing the same person, but might aswell have been.


I'd say it belongs in the heightened reality-type of TV drama which is the far more common type, so more comparable to something like The Shield or Breaking Bad I suppose.


Definitely worth a watch :)

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2 hours ago, Protocol Penguin said:

Watching this now on Disney+ due to the forum recommendation. It’s good. Took until season 2 to really get going though, I feel. Doesn’t seem to have season 4 yet, hopefully soon…


S4 might still be on BBC iPlayer - it was shown on the beeb earlier this year.

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I love this show, finished off series 5 this week. The Walter Mosley-penned wedding episode was a stunner. So many good characters. Damson Idris is excellent as Franklin. I was blown away to discover he's from the UK, the accent is absolutely flawless. If not for somebody telling me, I would never have suspected.


Can't wait until the final series starts next month, it's a shame it's never quite taken off on rllmuk, the forum doesn't seem to take to FX dramas as much. This, The Americans and Justified are three excellent FX dramas that never (to my limited knowledge) got the following they deserved on here. Sad shame. Never too late of course 

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Yes, it's a crying shame this show doesn't get half the respect it should. Incredibly strong characters and a great story based on reality.


Good scripts, good acting, good direction, amazing soundtrack. 


On the ending of season five...



Teddy just keeps being more and more of an asshole. Slippery fucking snake that he is.


Harvey dead. Gustav caught by the DEA, Franklin teaming up with the KGB... Kin ell 


Franklin robbing Louie was some cold shit, then giving her name over. Damn. 


Then ending the series with straight outta Compton, boom.




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On 14/08/2022 at 08:38, Nathan Wind said:

This is excellent, I’ve binged the lot in about three weeks. It’s a great accompaniment to stuff like Narcos, telling another part of the wider story. 

Yeah this show is absolutely phenomenal. I think I went from Narcos into this too, but also because John Singleton was involved it was on my radar.


A few episodes of season 6 are out already for those interested.


I despise Teddy but Gustavo is probably my favourite. I feel like Gustavo has a lot of integrity despite him being so gullible and is the mirror of Teddy's poison.


Franklin is not particularly likeable either but I love the tension of family and friends turning on him - surely he will be paying the price towards the finale?



I think this might be not only one of the best shows I don't think the masses are watching, but the standard is extremely high throughout. Has there been a bad season or even a bad episode?

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