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Films that make a great triple bill - but aren't related


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1980s: when kids ruled the world

The Goonies


Stand By Me


Just switch your brain off!

Young Frankenstein

The Man with Two Brains



Grotesque villains

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

The Vanishing

Blue Velvet


Nice place, shame about the tenants

The Shining

Rosemary's Baby


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13 hours ago, Illyria said:


No! Should I add it to my list then? :) 


It's a sweet movie - a little too blatantly manipulative at the end, but he does a great alien visitor.

So, um, Strangers in a Strange Land:



The Man Who Fell to Earth

Rocky Horror Picture Show ;)



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Mine are all 80's choices and most (apart from Platoon) are dated, but still great films imo.


Shut Up (Fashion) Crime!

Streets of Fire

King of New York

To Live & Die in LA


It Was (Nearly) Acceptable in the 80's

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension

Flash Gordon



Sheen Your Shoes Mister?

Repo Man


The Dead Zone


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a slightly off the wall answer.


in late 80s early 90s me and my nerdy friends would rent a bunch of shit horror/scifi films from the video shop drink his shit homebrew get pissed and laugh at the films overnight going home in the morning (nerds).


So I present to you


Killer Klowns from Outer Space (actually a good flcik I still have it now)

The Wraith (laughably awful but noa ctually just awful)

Moontrap - It had Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell in it how could it be bad.... oh it was awful



and another night it was


Maniac Cop (hmmm not awful)

Demons 2 (actually a decent horror but we just pissed ourselves laughing at the one guy saying "where's Rosemary" overacting to the max).

The Hitcher (actually very good)


I am not sure I can recommend them as triple Bills but they did work for us when on the cheap cider and homebrew :D


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 a serious answer - one of the best years for movies for me personally I give you...



2001 : A Space Odyssey

Planet of the Apes

Night of the Living Dead


In some ways 3 very different visions of the future. Also notable to see the ape makeup work in Planet of the Apes and 2001 and realising that Planet of the Apes got the Oscar for makeup :D



(that year actually contains 3 of my top ten films of all time - ok Planet of the apes bobs around a bit and sometiems slips to top 20 list :P)


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Probably already had it as it is so obvious...



Total Recall

Starship troopers


The perfect Verhoeven subversive blockbuster trilogy. A director sticking two fingers up at capitalism/privatisation/search for profit, western warmongering and the big action hero cliche. Did all this and got paid for it by the targets he was lampooning


genius :D


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Gone for a trilogy of 'fuck you' endings. You know, the kind that leaves you a little stunned as the credits roll. Plenty to choose from, but here's my picks:



Obvious, but heralded a change in modern Hollywood, opening the doors for darker, more brooding crime thrillers. Many tried to match it, but few can stand alongside Fincher's grubby, unsettling, crime classic. Brad Pitt showed acting chops behind his good looks, Freeman is his dependable self and Kevin Spacey announced himself with about as shocking a calling card as is possible.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Tinseltown loves a remake. Always has done, always will. However, not many can be considered as well-made or, arguably, better than the films they attempt to emulate. Philip Kaufman's remake nods to Don Siegel's groundbreaking 1956 sci-fi classic, and evolves his film into a horror dripping with 1970s paranoia. The final scene will send chills up your spine. And if it doesn't? Well, the pod people probably already have you.


Arlington Road

Mark Pellington's CV is mostly unremarkable (although think The Mothman Prophecies is quietly underrated), but he hit gold with this Jeff Bridges-led conspiracy thriller about an American history professor that slowly suspects his new neighbours may be up to no good. A hugely entertaining spin on the Hitchcockian themes seen in Rear Window, Arlington Road delivers a mighty suckerpunch with its subdued, sinister ending.


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Sporting underdogs come good....


Cool Runnings

Slapshot (1977 version)

The Bad News Bears


Two of these are from my child hood,  I remember being allowed to watch Slapshot on Betamax when I was about 10, and came pretty close to actually wetting myself I found it so funny.  The Bad News Bears was one of my Primary school regulars - at the end of each term we'd be ushered into the biggest room, curtains drawn and the clunky VHS with giant TV on a rolling cabinet was brought into the room, the film would start and the teachers would bugger off for an hour.   Cool Runnings has got so much going for it, John Candy is excellent, its schmaltzy without being too cheesy, just a really well done film.

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