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Films that make a great triple bill - but aren't related

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Spiffing idea.  Three great choices there and nice to see some love for Trespass, it's one of my faves.  You can't beat a bit of 90's Icey T, Surviving the Game is also worth a look and very underrated in my opinion!


My immediate thought is a triple-whammy of stylish 70's crime with The Warriors, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, and Assault on Precinct 13.  I could happily watch them in any order because I love them all so, but I reckon Assault would make a solid opener with its slow build up to a ludicrously tense final act. Then Pelham in the middle for something a little slower and with more interesting character development, before finishing up with the visually striking and action-packed Warriors for an unforgettable finale.



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So, thinking on the theme of "Horrors that got an American remake that made them worse";



Ringu/The Ring

A Tale of Two Sisters


To be fair, the Naomi Watts Ring remake isnt that bad, but Rec and ATOTS are so much better than their american counterparts, if you're with a group of people watching them, it's almost worth watching these, then next time you meet up, watching the remakes while having some beers and laughing about how bad they are.


Terrible films that are worth watching because they're bad;


Double Down


House of the Dead


Yes, House of the Dead is based off of that Sega arcade game, and if you thought making a movie from it was a bad idea, you were right.  Or wrong, because its one of the most amazingly awful films I've seen ever.  All three of these really are best watched in a group, with booze and snacks and just enjoying some of the worst dialogue and stupidest plots you will ever see.  These films will change your life.


And lastly, films where people shoot other people in ways that are cool as fuck (and not by John Woo)




John Wick

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I’m a sucker for 90s action, +1 for the Nick Cage suggestions. Wouldn’t be far off my perfect trilogy.


Throwing a curve ball, I’ll go for cross decade martial arts beginning a classic and ending with cheese:


- Way of The Dragon (70s)

- Bloodsport (80s)

- Mortal Kombat (90s)

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Dancer In The Dark

Being John Malkovich

The Straight Story


I quite like quirky, weird films so I'd pick these although, Dancer In The Dark is really depressing so perhaps I'd give that a miss and swap it with Oh Brother Where Art Though.

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Hmm, was going to do one and well, this is quite fun.


Title of this first set might be considered a spoiler.

Dead Kid Films (feelings) 


Stand By Me

My Girl

Bridge To Terabithia


Adolescent Boys


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Virgin Suicides

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 


Teen Angst


Spring Breakers

Palo Alto



80's Fantasy

Neverending Story





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12 hours ago, Nick R said:

1998-'99 science fiction films about questioning reality (that aren't The Matrix):


Dark City

The Thirteenth Floor

The Truman Show

eXistenZ would fit right in there as a bonus feature.

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My Jeff Bridges Night


The Big Lebowski

Men Who Stare at Goats (to crank up the weirdness a little)

Hell or High Water


-> there's probably better combos, I just realised I have a lot of Jeff Bridges films to catch up on, like True Grit and Crazy Heart

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A while ago I did a Gene Hackman triple bill with Loose Cannons (1990), The Package (1989) and The Domino Effect/The Domino Killings (1977). The Package was the clear winner there, excellent film. Loose Cannons was absolutely dire, definitely not a high point for Hackman's career. So if I was going to suggest a Gene Hackman triple bill worthy of your evening, I'd go for:



The Conversation

Night Moves

Prime Cut


Not a massive fan of Superman, to be honest, and didn't pick The French Connection because you really should watch that with the sequel.



No Way Out

The Package

Mississippi Burning



Enemy Of The State

Crimson Tide



Struggling with the 90s triple bill as I've not seen enough. One of my favourite actors, he's made some amazing films, he's also done a few turkeys.

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That triple bill in the OP, solid 90s cinema. I watched Ricochet not long ago and John Lithgow does what he does best: total nutcase. It's not quite season 4 of Dexter nuts, but still a tour de force of controlled rage. I was toying with the idea of swapping Deep Cover with Surviving The Game, but seeing as that's largely set in the country it's probably not the best fit.

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Cyberpunk, Transhumanism and Beyond


Blade Runner

Ghost in the Shell (original version)

Ex Machina


I actually saw Ex Machina as a double bill with Blade Runner final cut and they worked great together. Ghost in the Shell works with them for me.

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