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Tempest 4000 - Jeff Minter developing - 2017 release


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20 hours ago, smac said:

Oh, man, Jeff developing for Switch?


That reminds me; I haven't visited YakYak in aeons.


Seems to be dead at the moment. Site went down earlier in the week!


Think Giles is handling the Switch port apparently... :) Good news though. OLED Switch is an ideal place to be playing this! 

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I've been playing lots of Jeff's Stuff (plus various related trance blasting madness like Geometry Wars, Satryn Deluxe, Defender, Robotron, Polynominal etc) again, I think it's basically broken other games for me a bit at the moment, just full short burst brain audio/visual overload seems to be exactly what my gaming needs are right now.
This is my life now and I love it :)
I just cannot get enough Tempest in it's many guises, I even took it to the pub 😜

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10 minutes ago, Qazimod said:

I was actually playing TxK on my OLED Vita yesterday - when there was gossip about Vita games disappearing forever I panic-downloaded my favourites and so TxK has a permanent place among my bubbles. :wub: And I gave it a mention in my recent top 100 voting.


I'm still terrible at the bonus stages though.

I too am terrible at well, all of it actually, but I'm having a feeling like no other games with it (and Tempest 2/4k)
I am genuinely gobsmacked how bloody amazing the Vita still is. Geometry Wars 3 and Gravity Crash also well worth playing (apologies if they are in the list, I can barely function as a human currently in this event)

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20 hours ago, geldra said:

I played the OG cab of Tempest at the weekend. 

I’d love a spinner peripheral for this. Remember peripherals? 

Tempest 4000 doesnt actually support one :( There is a hack version that sort of allows it.
Tempest 2000 has an excellent (considered shareware by Jeff so it's all above board) emulator that supports spinner

I've been very close to splashing out on one of these and seriously eyeing up the Arcade 1up Tempest cab...


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7 minutes ago, watusi said:


You probably can't say but any idea how to find this? 

I've not got it but it's discussed in this Steam thread (including a link to a tweet showing a pic of Jeff himself playing it with a spinner and why VR was cut thanks to A(rse)tari)

This might work for you  





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Love this quote from the designer of the Original Tempest: 


Dave Theurer : "I want to design it for a guy who's totally frazzled by his job and needs a way to temporarily escape. There's a certain class of games... where you just get into a trance when you're playing them. As long as you're in this trance you'll do fine.".

^^ This!

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