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Card Sleeves/deck protectors

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I buy Mayday premium sleeves from Board Game Extras. I buy thousands of the damn things and found them to be a good balance between price and quality. If you're only buying a packet or two to protect a single game, then any of the brands should be fine. Fantasy Flight are pretty high quality and are more likely to be stocked in your local gaming store.

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Thanks, I might end up sleeving a few games so I'm trying to look for the best price, especially considering they're mostly cheaper card based games 


I never understand how people can spend so much on box organisation and things like that compared to the actual cost of the games! 

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I'd recommend Mayday premium too, but caveat that by saying that the odd pack can be a mil or so larger (in height), so it depends if that's an OCD issue for you. There's no issue with the quality of the sleeves though, it's really good for the price. Board Game Extras is a great site too, I've never had any problems and the guy than runs it has always been really helpful and friendly whenever I've had a query.

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