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Cobra Kai - Now on Netflix


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On 10/09/2022 at 20:30, ckny said:

The guy in episode 2 in the chilli eating contest… he was CGI, right? Why did he look so weird?!


Yes he had the weirdest shaped head.


I've just completed the season, I think maybe other than 1 it might be the best to me.  It didn't have long drawn out misunderstandings and lack of communication drawing out disagreements for more than 1-2 episodes max, things happened and then the plot moved on.


Some spoilers across the season.



I thought they were going to go down the route of having Miguels Dad come out with gun and see the FBI shirts and peril happens.  But they didn't it was fun but not drawn out.


Similarly with Mrs Larusso pissing off, it was a thing and it was resolved without underpinning the series.


There was a weird bit in the 3rd or 4th episode where they show Robbie talking from the back of his head for some reason, must have been some sort of post filming script change.


Slightly disappointed they made the big showdown with them all hammered.  Sort of devalued that fight.  Wish they could have made that decision and then not been able to find his house or something.


Is Topango Dojo a boy meets world reference?


I did slightly want Silvers evil plan to be slightly more than entering a bigger karate competition, all his excellent moustache twirling evilness deserved it.


Stingray had been one of the worst characters before but he worked well in this season.


In a way this could have been a perfect ending to the show, i wouldn't have minded Kreese actually getting shanked, but they sign posted that pretty heavily.


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Loved the end of S5, but it was a bit of a bumpy path to get there this time. In S6 they need to have absolutely none of the love triangle/will they-won’t they stuff - that is totally played out (and already was in S4). I think I rolled my eyes in the episode where Sam and Miguel broke up (again).


They should do the international tournament story and then call it quits on the show, that would be perfect.



Cobra Kai still exists, it was a huge business at the end even if all the original dojo students decided to quit, and they are still entering the tournament so I guess the evil lady will be running it by proxy for Silver? Although they have no star fighters left to make a good rivalry for the competition.


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I've binged Season 5 over the last 2 days. The ridiculousness seems to have ramped up even more, but I bloody love it.


I love how it's all treated deadly serious  like some kind of gang warfare, battling it out for turf like it's the Crips vs the Bloods but it's actually about Karate dojo expansions 😂


Silva is so bloody great too, an absolute slimy fuck. They honestly lucked out massively that these young 80s actors still have something about them.


Also Chosen is the best.

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12 hours ago, KriessG said:

If you’d have done a typical cynical dismissal

of this show @StigweardI’d have disavowed our Bo-train… but as we are in sync, so you’re still my brother 🥰


Hey now, I'm not typically cynical.


This show is just fun as hell though, I don't know how anyone couldn't enjoy it.

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Finally got round to watching season 5, thought it was completely amazing and continues to be one of the best shows in years.


And holy shit at that finale, proper 80s movie vibes, astonishing action and everything seemingly wrapped up... or is it?


Can't wait to see where they go from here.

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Considering Netflix still haven't renewed it, probably not much further.


I just watched this over the past month, and it's one of my favourite shows of all time now. Absolutely the most fun thing I've ever watched.


The fuckers are so cancelling it, like they do with everything now.

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31 minutes ago, BabelRich said:

I think it’s the right decision. As brilliant as it is I think going out before they run out of ideas and crater it is smart.

Yes, absolutely this. Is there anyone else left to bring back from the films other than Hilary Swank?

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