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I remember getting a VHS of part 2 (Currently at 0% on rottentomatoes) at a car boot sale, watching it with my dad and us both being bored to tears.

This is the only bit I remember. Still just as hilarious all these years later, i.e., not hilarious at all.



After watching that re:view, it turns out that I haven't seen the original. I must have just assumed that I had. I'll have to get that downloaded!

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I was actually crying with laughter at this one, I totally lost it when Rich predicted the 9/11 bit at around 40mins. Literally in pain from laughing so much :lol:

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I'd already seen the central park footage Central Park footage from this:



Not a speedrun, that's just what the guy who runs that channel calls 8 bit BGM remixes cut to 90's VHS tapes / advertisements for some reason.

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