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Ant-Man and The Wasp - July 2018


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Bah, I hadn't realised before but this is out in early July in the US but early August in the UK.


Presumably the delay is mainly because of the World Cup (though other countries with a heavy football fan presence are getting it in early-mid July), with an additional delay because of Mission: Impossible's release.

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41 minutes ago, KriessG said:

Isn't this based before IW? *Edit* Ah yes you wrote Civil War, for some reason my brain assumed you were talking about IW.


Because like me you can't get IW off your mind


This looks like great fun though and exactly the type of film they needed after IW.

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Bad guy info below (taken from the comics, not the film): (spoilered for those wanting to know nothing!)


The bad guy is a villain named Ghost in the comics. Has phasing tech, and is into corporate sabotage. In his first appearance, Iron Man stops him (yes its a him in the comics) blowing up a building owned by a company that Stark has recently bought out. He, along with his powers, seem to have nothing to do with Ant Man or any of his supporting characters in the comics, so the only similarities seem to be the characters name, costume and powers in the film.

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Yup, looks a whole heap of tiny and massive fun!


Suspect it will be just the playful counterpoint needed after the relatively downbeat, but still excellent, Infinity War.

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52 minutes ago, McCoy said:

How strange. Its not like the world cup isn't a big deal in, well, the rest of the world. 


I think the fact that Disney's fellow superhero film The Incredibles 2 is delayed until the UK school holidays is as big a reason for the delay to Ant-Man as the World Cup. And then an additional extra week's delay to avoid opening opposite Mission: Impossible.


All this release date maneuvering means that Ant-Man and the Wasp opens in the UK on the same day as Teen Titans Go!

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Btw, yes, Ant-man and the Wasp takes place before Infinity War occurs, and after the events of Civil War.


Also, some spoilery speculation of what might occur in the end credits of Ant-Man 2.  (Don't read if you haven't seen infinity war!)



After everything is said and done, I think the end credits of Ant-Man and the Wasp will tie into Infinity War, having various members of the cast disappear randomly.


I think Michael Douglas will disappear for sure.  I'm not sure if Ant-Man's daughter Cassie will disappear though, because that seems a bit much.  Also because Avengers 4 is said to have time travel technology of some kind, meaning Cassie might come back as an adult from the future (she grows up to be a superhero in the comics, and it's mentioned in the trailer that she wants to 'grow up and fight bad guys'), possibly with a future Tony Stark.


Anyway, I think they're all gonna be around a dinner table at the end of Ant-Man 2, and some of them are just gonna suddenly disappear and make everyone cry again.  The real twist would be making Scott Lang disappear, since he's the main character of the movie.  Of course, making his daughter disappear would definitely make him want to obliterate Thanos from existence in Avengers 4.


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