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Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League Draft 2017/2018 - draft date Tue 8 Aug 9pm and 10pm

Commander Jameson

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The Fantasy Premier League Draft has kicked off. Two leagues set up. Max 8 players per league.


League code: 108787-30437

Draft date: Tue 8 Aug 22:00 BST


League code: 151268-40463

Draft date: Tue 8 Aug 21:00 BST


Game: https://draft.premierleague.com/



You can take on your friends in private leagues made up of 2-16 managers or enter public leagues with strangers of up to eight managers.


Your squad must be made up of 15 players, consisting of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.


Each Premier League player can only be in one league squad.


A draft will take place with managers taking it in turns to make their player selections.


Before I set up the Rllmuk league, I wanted to gauge interest (we can have between 2 and 8-16 players per league). There is a choice of Classic or Head-to-Head scoring. I prefer Classic (as in the same as main game scoring).


Also, we need to specify a deadline for our first squad selection. This must be before 6:45pm 11 Aug (GW1 deadline). Any ideas for when? I've not done a draft, so don't know if it needs to be sooner or later.


FAQ: https://www.premierleague.com/news/427772

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I'm in, classic scoring I agree & deadline 7th August?


Only point you need to watch out for is when you run the draft everyone will have a time limit to select player, so make sure if you are not around add players to your watchlist.

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I'm in. Can we do draft pick on a Sunday night from 10? Generally seems to be the best time most are free. I don't imagine it would take long if we're all online. 

Also I like the idea of head to head to try claim the points that week. But happy either way.

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So what are we going to do, come to this thread and do the draft? Everyone needs to make sure they are here because I've done a draft over whatsapp with friends before and if someones not here it takes way too long.



Ah it looks like we do it on the website

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1 hour ago, Commander Jameson said:


Yes go for it. I've set the league for 12 players but can change upwards if needed.


Awesome, I'm in! The new draft mode looks really interesting, thanks for setting the league up. 

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30 minutes ago, Pants McSkill said:

I'm in. I lost interest in the main game a couple of seasons back due to captains and it everyone having the same players by the second half of the season, so this could be a lot of fun.

Yea same. I think it takes a lot of investment to get a good result. Check injuries, fixtures etc... You can tell people who don't bother changing their side.

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I'm interested in doing a RLLMUK draft league, but not with 12 players, nevermind 16!


If you have 16 players, there are 240 spots to fill in all their teams. I can't think of more than 50-60 players I'd actually want, never mind 240. You're guaranteed to be down to the complete dregs by the end, which is just going to be zero fun. Just thinking about strikers. Imagine you are 16th pick and everyone else has picked a striker? Who are you going to go for? There'll be nobody left. You'll be stuck with a bunch of duffers who'll never score any points. There'll also be virtually no opportunity to pick up emerging players as the season goes on, as it's likely  someone will have taken them just to fill their squad out.


Much better to do multiple leagues instead.


I've read that 8 is the highest number of participants you should be looking at for a competitive and balanced game.


If you get to 16 would you be willing to split the players and do two leagues instead? I'll join in if that's the case.

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