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Let's get an online group going for this. The link above is a list editable by anyone that we can add our Switch friend codes to, which should do for now. 


Best to post in the thread if you add your name to the list so we know it's been updated.


Discord: https://discord.gg/9dNvpPX

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2 minutes ago, ann coulter said:

How do you edit it? It lets me start a new line on my phone but doesn't let me input any text.


I didn't have to do anything, just started writing. Add it in this thread if it doesn't work and I'm sure one of us will add you to the list. 

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1 hour ago, Eighthours said:

Who's in control of the rllmuk Discord account? Maybe we should have a Splatoon 2 voice chat channel there.


I've added a discord server to the original post if anyone wants to use it; suggestions welcome though. 

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