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FTL15 - Football League

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And we are off! Welcome old and new managers! New managers feel free to ask questions, I've tried to be thorough at the same time mindful of trying not to overload!


THE SPREADSHEET! Please see the spreadsheet link below, in this sheet you can see your Squads, your injuries, how many NON FTL players you are entitled to, how many sponges you have, how much you have to spend on transfers and wages. As well as all other information such all player values, wages and then the league and scores once we are up and running.


Here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15xu6JHxPZQB7nJLNLxqb9n91vSzQciIZsnleN6Tup3g/edit?usp=sharing




ANDY S    Tottenham
MARDIGANX    Manchester United
SLADEY19    Liverpool
LUSETH    Leicester City
OMGJORDZ    Southampton
GOONER4LIFE    Crystal Palace
ELLIOTNUFC    Newcastle
BIGBAZ96    Bournemouth
STEELY    Middlesbrough
JAMIN    Hull City


What do we do now?

Step 1 - Send me your Perk list via PM, all the information below should help you choose the best perks for you. (Do you have injuries to key players? Players out on loan you want to bring back? Players in on loan you want to keep/sell? Do you have your eye on buying as many players from Bayern Munich as possible? Wanting to steal some players? Worried about someone stealing your players? etc etc etc) 


Step 2 - Once your Perk list is in you are able to start striking deals with other managers, this is done via PM and also advertising players for sale in this thread. Once a deal is reached both managers must confirm in this thread, who has been sold, where too and how much for. (All sales must meet the player valuation shown on the sheet but they can be above the player valuation, FYI your chairman takes 10% of any transfer value.)


Step 3 - Opening up the Non FTL window, this is an auction where people bid for players from clubs outside of the league. It opens each night for 3 nights between 8-11 this is when deals can go through, the full details will be in the opening post of the auction thread.


Step 4 - Close the Window.


Step 5 - Play ball!





INJURIES! All of the injured players can be found on the roster sheet of the above spreadsheet. This information may be useful when choosing how many (If any) magic sponges you take from the perks below. (Recovering injured players)


IN ON LOAN! Below is a list of all the players currently on loan to teams within the FTL and on that list you will find your own (If any), you cant sell these players, they are also at risk of being called back, that is if there manager and team is part of the FTL. You can can push a deal through make these players your own, with the perks listed below.


OUT ON LOAN! Also below is a list of players you currently have out on loan some more that others (*Cough* Chelsea *Cough*). Should you wish to you can recall these players, you can do so by using the perks below. There is one risk to this, if you attempt to recall a player who is part of another FTL team who has been tied down, you wont get that player and lose the perk points you spent trying to get him.



OUT ON LOAN (Potential to Recall)

J. Wilshere	CM CAM CDM	24	82	Bournemouth	(Arsenal)	37.0	0.025
W. Szczesny	GK		26	81	Roma		(Arsenal)	26.5	0.080
J. Campbell	RM; LM; CAM	24	77	Sporting CP	(Arsenal)	17.3	0.050
C. Chambers	CB; RB		21	75	Middlesbrough	(Arsenal)	14.5	0.001
T. Asano	LM; CF; CM	21	71	VfB Stuttgart	(Arsenal)	8.3	0.006
J. Toral	CM; CAM		21	69	Rangers		(Arsenal)	4.6	0.001
C. Akpom	ST		20	64	Brighton & Hove	(Arsenal)	3.2	0.001
D. Crowley	CAM; CM; LW	18	64	Go Ahead Eagles	(Arsenal)	2.8	0.001
Pleguezuelo	RB; CB		19	66	RCD Mallorca	(Arsenal)	2.1	0.001
T. Moore	RB		18	63	FC Utrecht	(Arsenal)	1.5	0.001
I. Bennacer	CM; LM		18	62	Tours FC	(Arsenal)	1.4	0.001
K. Bielik	CB; CDM		18	61	Birmingham City	(Arsenal)	1.3	0.001

M. Wilson	CB; LB		28	74	West Bromwich	(Bournemouth)	8.9	0.025
L. Grabban	ST		28	69	Reading		(Bournemouth)	3.3	0.004
M. Butcher	CM		19	62	Yeovil Town	(Bournemouth)	1.9	0.001
J. Quigley	ST		19	62	Gillingham	(Bournemouth)	1.7	0.001
B. Whitfield	CAM; CM		20	57	Yeovil Town	(Bournemouth)	0.8	0.001
H. Cornick	RM		21	57	Gillingham	(Bournemouth)	0.7	0.001

A. Christensen	CB; CDM		20	79	Borussia Mönc	(Chelsea)	23.3	0.050
B. Traoré	RW; ST		20	78	Ajax		(Chelsea)	20.9	0.015
L. Rémy		ST		29	79	Crystal Palace	(Chelsea)	18.9	0.040
M. van Ginkel	CM		23	77	PSV		(Chelsea)	18.4	0.025
A. Baba		LB; LM		21	77	FC Schalke 04	(Chelsea)	17.3	0.045
M. Pašalic	CM; CDM		21	76	Milan		(Chelsea)	16.9	0.045
C. Atsu	RM; LM; CM		24	75	Newcastle 	(Chelsea)	13.3	0.006
L. Baker	CM; CAM		21	74	Vitesse		(Chelsea)	13.2	0.001
Lucas Piazon	CAM; LM; LW	22	74	Fulham		(Chelsea)	12.9	0.004
T. Kalas	CB; RB		23	74	Fulham		(Chelsea)	12.6	0.005
M. Miazga	CB		20	73	Vitesse		(Chelsea)	12.4	0.001
T. Abraham	ST		18	72	Bristol City	(Chelsea)	11.9	0.001

J. Williams	CAM; CM		22	72	Ipswich Town	(C Palace)	9.6	0.003
J. Mutch	CM; CAM		24	70	Reading		(C Palace)	5.3	0.003
K. Anderson	ST		21	66	Northampton Town(C Palace)	3.3	0.001
H. Boateng	CM; CDM		20	62	Northampton Town(C Palace)	1.7	0.001
R. Inniss	CB		21	64	Southend United	(C Palace)	1.7	0.001
F. Ladapo	ST		23	62	Shrewsbury	(C Palace)	1.2	0.001
L. Croll	CB		21	58	Exeter City	(C Palace)	0.6	0.001

A. McGregor	GK		34	75	Cardiff City	(Hull City)	8.9	0.001
A. Bruce	CB		31	69	Wigan Athletic	(Hull City)	2.1	0.001
M. Clark	CDM; CM; LB	20	58	Cambridge 	(Hull City)	0.9	0.001

T. Lawrence	LM; ST; RM	22	73	Ipswich Town	(Leicester C)	12.3	0.001
M. James	CM		24	69	Barnsley	(Leicester C)	4.3	0.001
C. Elder	LB		21	62	Barnsley	(Leicester C)	1.4	0.001
H. Barnes	LM; CAM		18	60	Milton Keynes	(Leicester C)	1.2	0.001

M. Sakho	CB		26	82	Crystal Palace	(Liverpool)	28.9	0.060
L. Markovic	RM; RB; CF	22	76	Hull City	(Liverpool)	15.7	0.005
C. Brannagan	CM; CAM		20	70	Fleetwood Town	(Liverpool)	7.6	0.001
A. Wisdom	RB; CB		23	71	FC Red Bull Sal	(Liverpool)	6.3	0.010
J. Flanagan	RB; LB		23	71	Burnley		(Liverpool)	6.3	0.005
A. Bogdán	GK		28	72	Wigan Athletic	(Liverpool)	5.9	0.008
R. Kent		LM; RM		19	68	Barnsley	(Liverpool)	5.6	0.001
D. Ward		GK		23	69	Huddersfield 	(Liverpool)	4.3	0.001
Allan		CM		19	67	Hertha BSC Berl	(Liverpool)	4.0	0.002
B. Lennon	RW; LW; CF	18	65	Real Salt Lake	(Liverpool)	2.6	0.001
T. Awoniyi	ST		18	64	N.E.C.		(Liverpool)	2.2	0.001
L. Jones	CB		20	62	Swindon Town	(Liverpool)	1.2	0.001

S. Nasri	LM; CM; RM; CAM	29	82	Sevilla FC	(Manchester C)	28.4	0.090
J. Hart		GK		29	82	Torino		(Manchester C)	26.6	0.045
W. Bony		ST		27	80	Stoke City	(Manchester C)	24.3	0.050
E. Mangala	CB		25	79	Valencia CF	(Manchester C)	19.5	0.060
A. Mooy		CM; CDM; CAM	25	77	Huddersfield	(Manchester C)	17.4	0.008
E. Ünal		ST		19	75	FC Twente	(Manchester C)	14.6	0.001
J. Denayer	CB		21	74	Sunderland	(Manchester C)	13.1	0.010
O. Zinchenko	CAM; RW; LW	19	72	PSV		(Manchester C)	10.9	0.008
B. Zuculini	CM; CDM		23	72	Hellas Verona	(Manchester C)	9.6	0.003
P. Roberts	RM		19	71	Celtic		(Manchester C)	9.6	0.001
B. Celina	CAM; LW; RW	19	71	FC Twente	(Manchester C)	7.9	0.001
M. Moreno	LM; RM; ST	19	70	RC Deportivo 	(Manchester C)	7.3	0.001

A. Januzaj	LM; RM; CAM	21	76	Sunderland	(Manchester U)	16.3	0.015
Andreas Pereira	LM; CM; LW	20	73	Granada CF	(Manchester U)	12.5	0.001
C. Borthwick-J	LB		19	70	Wolverhampton	(Manchester U)	6.3	0.001
S. Johnstone	GK		23	70	Aston Villa	(Manchester U)	5.6	0.003
G. Varela	RB		23	69	Eintracht Frankf(Manchester U)	4.0	0.004
J. Riley	LB		19	64	Sheffield United(Manchester U)	2.6	0.001

J. Rhodes	ST		26	73	Sheffield Wed	(Middlesbrough)	11.2	0.020
C. Ripley	GK		23	71	Oldham Athletic	(Middlesbrough)	6.9	0.003
A. Baptiste	CB; RB		30	72	Preston North	(Middlesbrough)	5.0	0.002
J. De Sart	CDM; CM		21	69	Derby County	(Middlesbrough)	4.3	0.001
Mejías		GK		27	70	Rayo Vallecano	(Middlesbrough)	4.0	0.008
H. Chapman	LM; CAM		18	62	Sheffield Utd	(Middlesbrough)	1.8	0.001
C. de Pena	LM		24	62	Real Oviedo	(Middlesbrough)	1.2	0.001

S. Gallagher	ST		20	69	Blackburn Rovers(Southampton)	5.6	0.001
P. Gazzaniga	GK		24	70	Rayo Vallecano	(Southampton)	5.0	0.003
J. McCarthy	RB; RWB; CB	20	64	Walsall		(Southampton)	2.2	0.001

Bojan		CAM; CF; ST	25	81	1. FSV Mainz 05	(Stoke City)	31.0	0.045
Joselu		ST		26	75	RC Deportivo	(Stoke City)	13.1	0.020
P. Wollscheid	CB		27	76	VfL Wolfsburg	(Stoke City)	12.6	0.070
G. Waring	ST		21	63	Carlisle United	(Stoke City)	1.7	0.001
J. Taylor	LB; LM		20	63	Rochdale	(Stoke City)	1.7	0.001
J. Haugaard	GK		24	64	Wigan Athletic	(Stoke City)	1.7	0.001
Moha		LW		20	63	Midlothian	(Stoke City)	1.6	0.001
R. Sweeney	CB		19	61	Bristol Rovers	(Stoke City)	1.4	0.001

C. Njie		ST; LW		22	73	O de Marseille	(Tottenham)	12.3	0.015
L. McGee	GK		20	64	Peterborough 	(Tottenham)	2.1	0.001
S. Harrison	ST		18	60	Yeovil Town	(Tottenham)	1.2	0.001
W. Miller	CAM; LM		20	58	Burton Albion	(Tottenham)	0.7	0.001
C. Ogilvie	LB		20	59	Stevenage	(Tottenham)	0.7	0.001
L. Amos		CDM; CB		19	58	Southend United	(Tottenham)	0.6	0.001




J. Wilshere	CM CAM CDM	24	82	Bournemouth	(Arsenal)	37.0	0.025

M. Sakho	CB		26	82	Crystal Palace	(Liverpool)	28.9	0.060
L. Rémy		ST		29	79	Crystal Palace	(Chelsea)	18.9	0.040

A. N'Diaye	CDM; CM; CB	26	78	Hull City	(Villarreal CF)	17.4	0.020
L. Markovic	RM; RB; CF	22	76	Hull City	(Liverpool)	15.7	0.005
O. Niasse	ST		26	75	Hull City	(Everton)	13.1	0.020
A. Ranocchia	CB		28	75	Hull City	(Inter)		11.9	0.020

M. Wagué	CB		25	74	Leicester City	(Udinese)	11.6	0.015

Negredo		ST		30	80	Middlesbrough	(Valencia CF)	22.7	0.025
C. Chambers	CB; RB		21	75	Middlesbrough	(Arsenal)	14.5	0.001
J. McGhee	RB; LB		19	59	Middlesbrough	(Midlothian)	0.8	0.001

M. Hassen	GK		21	69	Southampton	(OGC Nice)	4.0	0.002

W. Bony		ST		27	80	Stoke City	(Manchester C)	24.3	0.050
B. Martins Indi	CB		24	79	Stoke City	(FC Porto)	20.4	0.030

Pau López	GK		21	73	Tottenham	(RCD Espanyol)	12.1	0.030


NEWCASTLE! (Late addition hence different format.)

AS Saint-Étien	H. Saivet	25	CM; CDM	77	17.4	0.008	(Newcastle United)
AZ		T. Krul		28	GK	77	15.2	0.025	(Newcastle United)
Barnsley	A. Armstrong	19	ST	68	5.9	0.001	(Newcastle United)
Bradford City	A. Gilliead	20	RM; ST	61	1.7	0.001	(Newcastle United)
BSC Young Boys	K. Mbabu	21	RB; LB	69	5.0	0.002	(Newcastle United)
CA Osasuna	E. Rivière	26	ST	70	5.3	0.015	(Newcastle United)
Carlisle United	M. Gillesphey	20	LB; CB	60	0.9	0.001	(Newcastle United)
Kilmarnock	F. Woodman	19	GK	62	1.7	0.001	(Newcastle United)
Kilmarnock	C. Roberts	19	ST; LM	60	1.0	0.001	(Newcastle United)
Kilmarnock	S. Longstaff	18	CAM	59	1.0	0.001	(Newcastle United)
Oly Marseille	F. Thauvin	23	RW; RM	81	31.5	0.035	(Newcastle United)
PSV		S. de Jong	27	CAM; ST	76	14.0	0.045	(Newcastle United)
Scunthorpe 	I. Toney	20	ST	65	3.1	0.001	(Newcastle United)

Newcastle 	C. Atsu		24	RM;LM;CM75	13.3	0.006	(Chelsea)


PERKS! Please choose 12 points worth of perks from the below list by sending it to me via PM, you do not have to inform any other players of which perks you have choosen, though some are visible on the above spreadsheet, such as Increasing Wages/Values, Sponges, non FTLs etc. (Aggressive perks such as injuring and disrupting players will not be tied back to yourself in any way on the forum or spreadsheet.)



  Reveal hidden contents

Injury Treatment

Everyone starts with 1 as standard. A magic sponge can be used to return a player to full fitness - A magic sponge can be used any time during the season and unused sponges carry over from 1st half to 2nd half

1 additional Magic Sponge - 2 Perk Points

2 additional Magic Sponges - 4 Perk Points

3 additional Magic Sponges - 6 Perk Points

4 additional Magic Sponges - 8 Perk Points

5 additional Magic Sponges - 10 Perk Points


Injury Prevention

Select a player from your squad whom injuries simply do not effect. This perk lasts the whole season and the player must be named before the season starts. If you sell an invincible player they do not retain the invincibility trait at their new club and you cannot transfer it to a new player

Invincible - 4 Perk Points


Extra Wages

Increase your starting wage funds by the percentages below.

Additional 5% wages. - 1 Perk Point

Additional 10% wages. - 2 Perk Points

Additional 15% wages. - 4 Perk Points

Additional 20% wages. - 6 Perk Points

Additional 25% wages. - 8 Perk Points


Extra Funds

Increase your starting transfer funds by the percentages below.

Additional 5% funds. - 1 Perk Point

Additional 10% funds. - 2 Perk Points

Additional 15% funds. - 4 Perk Points

Additional 20% funds. - 6 Perk Points

Additional 25% funds. - 8 Perk Points


Going Abroad.

Add an additional Non FTL on top of your standard allocation. (Allocation Varies between 1-3)

1 Additional Non FTL - 3 Perk Points

2 Additional Non FTL - 6 Perk Points

3 Additional Non FTL - 9 Perk Points

4 Additional Non FTL - 12 Perk Points

Unused Non FTLs carry into the mid season window


Player Power

Cause a rift between a player and his team with underhand tactics to the point where he will refuse to pull on that teams shirt for the rest of the season (sell him or let him rot in the reserves)

Disrupt a random player from a club of your choosing. - 2 Perk Points

Choose a particular player to disrupt - 4 Perk Points (You must choose the player when choosing Perk)


Oooh...Football friend

Select a player with whom you have that special bond. A loyalty that cannot be broken and who cannot be be disrupted and cannot be tapped and any tap attempt will incur a 20% fine..

2 perk points for each special relationship you want to declare

10 perk poitns to secure your entire team.


Players on Tap! (NEW)

Approach a player without a managers knowledge and strike a deal with the chairman, any tap will cost 20% above the players release value.

5 Tap up one player (Can be used at any time during the transfer windows.)

10 Tap up two players (Can be used at any time during the transfer windows.)

Attempt to tap a player who is 'Oooh...Football friend' and you lose your tap and get fined 20% of the players value..


Chairmans Fees

A chairman takes a 10% slice of every player sold! Make him go away and keep the big money from those big sales to re-invest in your squad.

Reduce to 5% - 2 Perk Points

Reduce to 0% - 3 Perk Points

Lasts whole season


The Loan Market. (NEW)

Players on loan at your club cannot be sold, they are also at risk of being recalled, if that team is in the FTL! Make them your very own with the perks below. (No financial cost) 

At the same time you may have players out on loan you wish to call back! Bring them home using the perks below. (You must name the player when using these perks)


Secure 1 Loan player to make him one of your own - 2 Perk Points

Secure 2 Loan players to make him one of your own - 4 Perk Points

Secure 3 Loan players to make him one of your own - 6 Perk Point

Secure 4 Loan players to make him one of your own - 8 Perk Point


Recall 1 Loan player - 2 Perk Points

Recall 2 Loan players - 4 Perk Points

Recall 3 Loan players - 6 Perk Points

Recall 4 Loan players - 8 Perk Points

If you attempt to recall a player who has been secured, you lose that recall.



Football is a filthy game, its about time you started playing it that way

Injure a random player from a club of your choosing for half the season. - 1 Perk Point

Injure a specific player for half the season - 3 Perk Points (You must choose the player when choosing Perk.)




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Would you want all of the perks submitted in one list or can we tell you them as we decide? 


There's 2 that I definitely want to use straight away but the others I want to have a think about.

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Nah it's cool. I'll have a proper look when I get home as on my phone at the moment.


Ps; you can delete my comments to avoid clogging the thread if you want :P

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Steel quick question ... wilshire on loan to me at Bournemouth do I have to secure the loan for 2 perk points to keep him ? Or can I just hope that the person who is Arsenal doesn't call him back ?

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You dont have to secure a loan player to keep him. But if you do secure him it means he cant be taken back by his parent club and he becomes your player to sell if you wish.


Also had a few PMs about when you can start dealing, you can start striking up deals now! Its just when it comes to transfers, both parties perks have to be submitted for a deal to go through.

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5 minutes ago, LadMattFifa said:

@Luseth I can't PM you.



Step into my office, we need a chat.


Because I blocked you of course :lol: Nah i'll pm you in a sec bud :)

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Perks are in. Still cant quite believe the FTL is back :)


The only players I am not considering offers for are Pogba, Zlatan and Mkhitaryan. Everyone else is pretty much open to offer. Roll up lads!!

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Marcus Rashford has been put out in the cold by Jose Mardinho being told he didnt feature in his first team plans, "I dont have time to develop players, I need 6 foot 4 beefcakes who are ready to go rifgt now." Super Steely Monk has come to Rashfords aid with a £23 Million pound move for the England youngster.


M. Rashford - 23M to Middlesbrough from United.

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39 minutes ago, Timmo said:

Damn I was away for the signup - let me know if anyone backs out!

Cleg still hasn't picked his team, if he hasn't picked it by 14:00 mate, probably best to replace him!

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Cleg is out Timmo is in. 


Timmo is Derby.


Because we are a big team short, I'll think of a fair way of introducing City and Arsenal players where you don't need to use a non FTL. Most likely, you will be able to buy one player via the auction method and it won't cost you a non FTL.


Also still waiting on a handful of perks lists!

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So we have 12 points to get the perks and i have to mesage Steely what I've chosen? Also when can we buy players from other managers? Sorry I'm new to this:D

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30 minutes ago, BiGBaZ96 said:

@Luseth can't pm you for some reason 


Have sent you a pm, hopefully you can respond

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Demarai gray to Bournemouth for 19m 

jack wilshire to Leicester for 37m 


so basically gray and 18m for wilshire 


luseth to confirm 

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