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Nintendo Switch Online App Available


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3 minutes ago, Hellcock said:

What can't they spend some of their billions of dollars in a decent online system? Why are they so fucking backwards? I'm also very annoyed the app is not on the singapore store and probably never will be.


It's not currently on the UK store either.

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Presumably it's possible to ignore this app and still play online?   I don't mind the odd game of Mario Kart online but there's no way I want to mess with my phone at the same time.   And lack of voice-chat is a bonus in my book.



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Just now, Saint said:

"Nintendo Switch" and it was the fourth result down.


1. Breath Companion

2. Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

3. Breath Companion

4. Amino For Switch Players

5. Mighty Switch Force! Hose it Down!

6. Some Japanese thing about joycon

7. One4U

8. Gaming News & Reviews


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Just now, sir shrew said:

But presumably Nintendo have done their market research on % of players who own smartphone devices.


They did. I filled in the Nintendo questionnaire where this exact thing was asked.


I said I didn't have one.


This is why it's not working for me, isn't it?

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1 minute ago, Super Craig said:


What type of phone do you have?


iPhone 5S. But's it's running an old version of iOS, which might be it.


I'll restart it later and see if that helps.

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