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Wind River - Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen


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Trailer has come online for Wind River, a thriller from the writer of Sicario and Hell & High Water. An award winner at Cannes this year and generating all kinds of positive buzz - 




The film follows a rookie female FBI agent (Olsen) who teams up with a veteran, local game tracker with a haunted past (Renner) to investigates a murder on a remote Native American Reservation in the hopes of avenging the girl’s death. A trailer for the upcoming film was released earlier this week.


Renner and Olsen are joined by Jon Bernthal (Sicario, Daredevil), Graham Greene (Thunderheart), Julia Jones (Twilight) and Gil Birmingham (The Lone Ranger, Hell or High Water). Wind River is set to open in theaters on August 4.


The project is directed by Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan, who makes his directorial debut.




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Saw this at last evening's Screen Unseen. Very strong, I thought, although you should be aware going in that the film is unrelentingly bleak throughout with humour only really surfacing in grim defiance of quiet, patient, uncaring oblivion. It's not perfect of course -- Renner's character is a bit of a Mary Sue, all things considered, and as excellent as his performance is there's no reason whatsoever for the male lead not to have been Native American. (You'd think, in a film making a political point about the standing of the Native American in modern-day America, that they might have gone the extra distance there.) I dunno, maybe next time I'll get to do one of these without a trope alert, but not today :hat:


Beautifully shot (I was never confused about where anyone was or what they were doing except when I was supposed to be) and I guess masterfully scored (because I only ever noticed the soundtrack, in a good way, when it was reminiscent of The Thing!), Wind River struck me as a cleverly constructed piece of work not least because it portrays a way of life that is excruciatingly slow in a way that is instantly and continually engaging. Unless you really only go to the cinema for the kind of films that have promotional burgers at McDonalds, you're going to be glad you saw this -- don't let it sneak by.

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This is brilliant. Saw it instead of IT on Saturday as my mate had already seen IT and said it was awful


Nice to see a film where the gun play is actually realistic and the people getting shot look like they are actually getting shot rather than punched in the tummy by auntie beryl. 


Fantastic performances, great script, an amazing sense of a people without hope. One of my films of the year (and I wasn't a fan of Sicario at all)

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Thought wind river was solid. Not much of a mystery to it and a little over earnest but very gripping. Still feels very much like the kind of movie that was ten a penny in the 70s and 90s. I really enjoy Taylor Hackfords stuff but only cos movies like this are in such short supply these days. 

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Cosmic's Film's Pics #2.


Worthwhile film to go and see, not least for the scenery and score.  I thought the story was a bit too pat (daughters being best mates etc) and I think it would have been a stronger film without the historical scene, all the pieces were there for folk to put it together after all.  Poetic justice was most definitely served.  Just pleased we didn't see the 


lion family

 being shot (or mock shot more likely given the regs these days).  I don't care about the wolves.


The statement at the end though - what's wrong with Americans ???????



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Didn't realise the guy that wrote directed this, and wrote Sicario & Hell or High Water played Deputy Hale in Sons of Anarchy. Always wondered what happened to him after his gruesome on-screen death. 


Looks like another belter from him, will definitely try to get to see it if it's still on around here. If not I foresee a trilogy watch when it comes out on bluray.

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I read an interview somewhere, that he was sick of playing shitty small parts so quit acting with enough money in the bank that he could take a year off to try and make it as a writer.... He wrote three screenplays back to back in the first six months. Sicario, Hell of High Water and Wind River... I have no idea how much of that is self mythologising or not, but it's a hell of a story.  He's now writing and directing a ten episode series starring KEVIN COSTNER..


Talented bastard.

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