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Aladdin - Live Action

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7 hours ago, Darhkwing said:

Also i dont think Iago speaks in this movie.

Disgusting. How else will we learn of Jafar's elaborate schemes? And the whole point of parrots is that they talk.

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I only watched the animated one for the first time yesterday and I just kept thinking Will Smith is no Robin Williams. Didn’t expect to see it demonstrated this soon. 

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39 minutes ago, Steely said:

Had to look up that bottom left image, what the fuck is winters tale.


Brutal CGI across the board but that Genie. :lol:






did you mean



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I am looking forward to this but it just looks cheap. And very serious.


Aladdin was such a great funny movie and it seems like this might not be going for the same approach (even though i expect genie to still be the comic relief). 


Also why was Jafar showing Aladdin the cave of wonders? It should have been the beggar! (which is technically Jafar i guess).

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