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Aladdin - Live Action

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So is this better or worse than Scarlett Johansson's Alita? ;) 


On 22/12/2018 at 18:49, Illyria said:



Something like that magazine cover would probably be a better look than the Blue Colossus in the trailer.

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For those still hoping this isn't going to be Will Smith doing a Will Smith. Don't worry,  it's not!





Will Smith drew inspiration for the Aladdin remake’s Genie from his most iconic roles


Speaking to EW, Ritchie described the Genie as an exaggerated version of the actor playing him, and the description of Smith’s take on the character says the actor drew inspiration from his roles in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Hitch, as well as Independence Day and Bad Boys, adding a bit of “hip-hop flavor” to Disney history and taking a “more self-aware” approach to the material.


It's going to be a blue Will Smith doing a Will Smith.


Wiki-wiki-whole new world.

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Watching this trailer again, i can;t understand two things:


1. The dreadful, virtual-instrument soundtrack. It's Disney! Why couldn't they have recorded something a bit less temp-sounding?

2. The terrible cliche of slowing down and dramatizing a song hook for trailers is so weirdly done here - why use the hook from "Friend Like Me" - a jazz song and inherently resistant to sounding epic, and not the "Arabian Nights" theme or Prince Ali instead. Just weird, odd and a poor choice.

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I like it when Jaffir says "Your life begins now.......Aladdin!' (with no emotion or life in his words at all)


Am convinced the Aladdin was edited in, marketing/publishers wanting to make sure people are aware that it is Aladdin within 30 seconds of the trailer to wake them up a bit.

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