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The Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix


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Graphic novel, The Umbrella Academy, is getting a 10 episode live action series on Netflix. Steve Blackman will be showrunner and producer. He also produces on Fargo and Legion.


I know nothing about it, so I'll just paste this.


The Umbrella Academy follows the estranged members of a dysfunctional family of superheroes called he Umbrella Academy — the Monocle, Spaceboy, the Kraken, the Rumor, the Séance, Number Five, the Horror and the White Violin — as they work together to solve their father’s mysterious death while coming apart at the seams due to their divergent personalities and abilities. 

Apparently it's popular and award winning.



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Mixed feeling about this.  A mix of great stuff and stuff I felt I'd seen before.  It's not very original.


The ending.   I won't spoiler this - It's a cliffhanger.  Bastards.   


Personal favourite bit was the dance scene at the end of episode 6.  The one with the Toploader song we aren't allowed to like. It was soo obvious that he can't dance for toffee and clung to her for guidance that it was super-endearing.  Especially when they were laughing together at the end.


Took me ages to work out that Hazel was the serial killer from Mind Hunter.


Also, I liked Mary J Blige's suit.




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Watching this with my son, we've got as far as episode 4. 


I'm getting a dirk gently vibe so far, weird unconnected random stuff will all be explained later, keep watching the small detail please.. 


Ellen paige had better turn into some sort of dark phoenix/ultimate warrior shit or I am going to be seriously dissatisfied. Klaus is so far the best character by a country mile. 


7 Early doors out of 10.

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It sort of felt at times like it wanted to be a Wes Anderson superhero film, and missed wildly.


I've got no knowledge of it from the source material at all, so I don't know at all if the source is any good.


It didn't really make anything out of most of the characters. Only Robert Sheehan and Five had anything going on I cared about, plus Hazel and Cha Cha.


And it committed one of my story bugbears, where it could have just been sorted out if everyone just stopped for a cup of tea.

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