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Godzilla - Planet of the Monsters - Anime Trilogy coming to Netflix


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Yet another version of Godzilla, this time CG anime. It's coming from Toho and Polygon Pictures. Anyone who's seen Knights of Sidonia or Blame will know the style (if you don't, don't expect Pixar). It's opening theatrically in Japan in November before streaming globally "this year".


At the end of the 20th century, Kaiju's emerge. Mankind fight a losing battle, until 2048, when a number of chosen humans board a spacecraft to move to another world. However, when they get there, the planet isn't as suitable as they had thought, so they head back to Earth. When they reach Earth again, 20,000 years have passed (though only decades on the ship, so I assume relativity is at play here) and Godzilla is reigning over a new ecosystem.


Here's a non-subtitled teaser, not that there's much dialogue.


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I find the premise of humanity getting so tired of Godzilla's shenanigans that everyone just does a giant jerryseinfeld.gif and decides to move out hilarious. I imagine  a giant spaceship full of people standing at the windows giving the finger while a bemused Godzilla stares at them before going back to stomping on Tokyo Tower again.

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I watched the third part over the weekend. I love Godzilla and I love Anime, but i feel let down by this.


spoilers ahoy



1st movie

I enjoyed this, a  bleak future for humanity and two helpful alien races (one bunch of religious space hippies, and another bunch of tech heads who promised to make MechaGodzilla ) forced to flee then return to earth with a plan to take on the big G and win, only to find it was a junior and the real deal is waaay out of their league.

2nd movie

The tech heads find their city where MechaGodzilla was being built - Fucking yes, MechaGodzilla Vs Godzilla epic anime battle, yes fucking please! oh hang about, no, new plan, a couple of flying suits and a city made of nano metal. To quote Tom Hanks in Big, "What's fun about a building?". it fails. The leftover earthlings also seem to have Mothra in stasis and a sort of psychic link to her. the last bit at the end of the movie with the space hippy talking about a god is a pretty big clue to whats happening next though. I grew up watching a certain two monsters duke it out in badly dubbed movies and i'm in. In nearly every Godzilla movie featuring friendly aliens they have always turned out not to be friendly and always had a certain monster on their side, my hard on for this is throbbing again after the Billasaludo left us blue balled.

3rd movie 

The reveal of the name of the god was early on, I'm tumescent, the space hippies worship King Ghidorah. The inner hopeful child in me is hoping for some kind of epic 4 monster anime fight, King Ghidorah, MechaGodzilla, Mothra and Godzilla.

I want those 90 minutes of my life back. Where's my King Ghidorah fight? Where is the three headed winged monster who is going to slug it out with the big G? Where is my ten minutes of two titans knocking the crap out of each other with an epic save from Mothra? What we get instead is a pretty much static shot of Godzilla being bitten by three snake heads and standing still while the main human character works out his anger issues with a space hippy lecturing us about not becoming too advanced or they'll come back to bore us to death again.

This trilogy felt like they were promoting a heavyweight boxing clash, hyping it up over months and in the end all we see for 15 rounds are two sweaty people hugging and nobody actually hitting anyone. I haven't seen mismanagement of epic characters like this since Spiderman 3 had the Venom suit, Sandman and the Hobgoblin and turned it into a 2 hour relationship drama.

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