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EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!


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16 minutes ago, merman said:

What I don't understand is Ipswich loaning out Josh Emmanuel, a promising young full-back, to Rotherham because he needs first team football - then signing Iorfa on loan, a promising young full-back.


Mick seems to have taken against Emmanuel basically. 


In theory, I would assume Iorfa will be back up for Spence but I think both Emmanuel and Iorfa are better than Spence so who knows. With a bit of luck we'll get a good season out of Iorfa but it seems terribly short sighted to me. If he turns out to be good then Wolves will have him back, we'll be stuck with a fairly limited player in Spence and Emmanuel will end up somewhere else as I think we've treated him a bit shabbily.   

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Derby sign Huddlestone - delighted with that. He's only 30 and just what we need in the middle. If we can use what's left from Ince and Hughes leaving on one (ideally two) high class wingers then I'm really excited for this season.

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Hull sell Huddlestone - furious with that. He's only 30 and we offered him a new contract only AFTER Derby met his £2m (!!) release clause. Says he'd have happily signed and stayed had he been offered a contract a couple of weeks ago.


The club is a shambles. We've lost our good loan signings from last year, lost Harry Maguire, Curtis Davies, Tom Huddlestone and Josh Tymon. Andy Robertson is all but gone, and Grosicki, Elmohamady and Hernández are probably on their way too. Also Jakupovic is probably going. Not to mention Sam Clucas is 50/50. We've brought in a young defender on loan from Chelsea. Even taking into account all the players who are leaving or might leave, we have 12 outfield players who you would say are good enough to be anywhere near the Championship (I'm being quite generous to Diomande there). That 12 also includes Moses Odubajo who is still out for months with his knee, and Ryan Mason who, obviously, may take a long time to come back if at all.


Shite. Utter shite. The owners still only call us "the Tigers". Huddlestone called us HCAFC in his farewell message. Good lad.


Edit - oh wait, Jakupovic has gone now.

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Have we done predictions yet? 


First - Aston Villa 

I've decided that John Terry will get them promoted. We've just let Stephen Taylor go (yes yes, I view everything through a prism of Ipswich Town Football Club) - I can understand why as he only has one working leg but in the few minutes he actually managed to play last year he made everyone else look so much better just by telling them what to do. In his last game his hamstring went, he was obviously in pain but he was still the guy keeping everyone together, telling them not to panic and just keep the ball until the bench was ready for the substitution (hilariously Luke Chambers then ran round the team screaming "DON'T PANIC" in their faces, if he wasn't so shit at football I'd love that guy). Anyway, my theory is that all Villa need is for John Terry to sit at the back and tell everyone how to be a good footballer, not be racist or shag anyone's wife and they'll go up.


Second - Middlesborough


Playoff winner - Wolves

Only because of you lot on here - still, why not eh? 






Nottingham Forest 


Probably not, but all three could go completely pear shaped and any would be quite funny (unless you're a respective fan). 


Ipswich prediction 

19th. Mick preposterously bitter by November. Calls the fans "Cunts" in a press conference in January after we lose to someone shit in the FA Cup Third Round. Quits in May for no real reason except it will be difficult for the club. 

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On 17/07/2017 at 23:52, Timmo said:

It's pretty ridiculous. Parachute payments were created to ensure teams don't lose their identity (among other reasons) yet Hull have sold all their best players. It's blatant profiteering. 


Parachute payments are also there to ensure that the clubs can meet the contracts of their current players, not to use to splash out £15m on a striker from one of their rivals. It gives teams going down such an unfair advantage. I can see why the payments were introduced but they're just not working as intended. The clubs should simply stipulate in the players contracts that should they get relegated, the salary goes down with them, and do away with the parachute payments altogether. 

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I'll have a go.


1st Place - Middlesbrough


Look to have spent very well without their squad falling apart.  I like Garry Monk and think he's a good choice to get them back to the Premier League at the first attempt.  I'm pleased we're playing them first before they are able to settle down into the drudge that is The Championship!


2nd Place - Derby


They've been very sensible with transfers this summer and I think Rowett is the man to sort them out and get a bit of consistency.  They always seem to batter us when we play at Pride Park so I'm often impressed with them!


Play Off Places


Sheffield Wednesday





No idea who will come out on top - a winning trip to Wembley would be a dream come true for me, but there are 3 other very strong sides in there.  Of course, both us and Norwich have head coaches who haven't worked in this division before so it could work either way but I don't think prior experience is the be all and end all, and certainly not as important as the 'experts' would have you believe.  I do think we've got some bloody talented players and IF we can click, we should be challenging.  With the money we've spent, top 6 has to be the requirement.


As for Villa - I'm just not convinced that they'll be in the running.  John Terry is a massive gamble.  If he plays more than 50% of their games, I'd be surprised.  The other night they had a centre half pairing of him and Chris Samba FFS - they'd get torn to pieces by the quicker attackers in the league.  I'd like Villa to do well as I have a lot of time for them but I'm not convinced.








I'll admit that Bolton and Birmingham are my heart ruling my head - I can't abide Redknapp and can only see him bleeding Blues dry.  Bolton will struggle in this league and appear to still have financial worries hanging over them and Burton - who did so well last season - will need to sustain their form this time around which is a tough ask with the squad they've got. 


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I can't see Villa doing that much. Terry's signing is a statement of intent but I don't think he's all that, not that I thought that he was much in the first place.


I'd love to see Boro fall flat on their face, purely because their fans have been trying to troll us again. I don't think they will but I can see them starting strong and fading from February. Garry Monk has a bit of a habit of that.


Derby will be awful to watch under Rowett but very effective. My dark horses purely because this is the first season for a while that they've been sensible.


Fulham might do a Huddersfield. Sheffield Wednesday have added George Boyd to a solid core.


Blackburn aren't... in this division any more. :-)

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I didn't know anything about Miranda or Ofosu-Ayeh but I had heard of Boly and Neves and had to double check the above tweet to see if he did actually mean Diogo Jota, and not the dude from Brentford.  And the Brentford one would have been a brilliant signing in his own right - but this guy really shouldn't be playing in the Championship - it's crazy.


I just hope it's true.

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Yeah, Boro are losing 2-0 to Rochdale too. 


Im watching a stream of the Wolves game and the refs has been awful to be honest. Stonewall penalty turned down and a series of overly physical challenges going unpunished. 


It clearly means a lot to Shrewsbury, but they do look decent. 

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Haha, come on, it's a Wolves signing, of course it's worse than a bruise :P


Even if it's not, our medical team will see to it that he's out 'til December!


Yeah, he'll probably be fine, but to be honest, Shrewsbury were a bit over the top with the challenges, and the ref was really not much use.

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Absolutely ridiculous signing.  He was a proven Champions League regular last season - and we've the option to buy at the end of the loan.  Jota, Neves, Cavaleiro and Costa in the same side is crazy.



I like this quote: 




I said when Wolves brought Neves in it would be the signing of the season, but this would beat it.

This isn’t just one of Portugal’s biggest prospects for the future, but he is already, at the age of twenty, a proven, sensational player.



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It's going to be such an exciting season.  A few clubs with great squads.


Boro is a great first game too as I expect both teams will be trying to win, I expect a few teams to put 15 or 16 men behind the ball this season, but we should find a bit of space with Boro.


Glad I've got my ticket in the South Bank for that one!  Can't remember the last time I was looking forward to a game this much.


I even paid seven quid to stream Shrewsbury v Wolves for fuck sake!

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Leo Bonatini is set to join us on loan for the season from Al Hilal - with an option to buy for €5m.  He was playing in Portugal (shock!) before that and had a really quite impressive goalscoring record.  Could be a very astute signing.  Only 23 years old too.


This is the goalscoring chart for the 2015/16 season:




So he scored more than Aboubakar who lots of our fans have been convinced is coming here too.  I don't think it will TBH.  In 9th place on that chart is Diogo Jota!!!


On paper, we really are building one hell of a squad for the Championship.

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14 minutes ago, Boothjan said:

Yeah I'm really looking forward to it - it's sold out apparently.


Apparently so.


Happy I got mine early now.  Right centre in the South Bank I'll be.  Perfect!


Getting into Wolves later than I'd like, probably have to do my drinking after the game 8-)

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