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2 hours ago, ashmatuk said:

But they charge on dispatch.....

In that case, my apologies for besmirching the good name of Game. I thought they'd charge up front as they were asking for £50 deposits if ordered in store.

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meanwhile, over at very...



Dear Sean,

You’ll be pleased to hear that the below item you ordered on 29/06/2017 is right on track for its original delivery date of 29/09/2017.

Item No: LR4UC
Description: Classic Mini: Super Nintendo E...


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Did this happen with NES?

I managed to get in with that when it first went on sale at amazon so I paid no heed to the shenanigans afterwards. 


Tesco releasing in batches hopefully means they have lots but don't want to DDOS their own site for long periods.

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I cancelled my shopto pre-order yesterday as it looked like stock was plentiful and everyone on here was going to be able to get one.  Wish I'd kept it now to pass on to someone :(


I'm going to look foolish if Nintendo now cancel my order with them for some reason......

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Ordered this morning - being awake before 6am finally pays off - and got a confirmation email. Phew! 


The Tesco page says if the price is lower when it comes out they'll refund the difference. 


I had to repeatedly refresh the page to get the order to go through. Seems it was all a bit pot luck. 

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I had the same last night Popo. I've had this happen twice with Tesco now, so I sent them a customer service email to see if that gets me anywhere. Probably not.

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