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The Foreigner - Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan

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I loved this movie. It was not at all what i expected it to be.


Less a Jackie Chan action movie than it is a Tom Clancy style thriller but done on a more personal level. lt's the exact kind of movie we rarely get in the cinema these days. Brosnan is fantastic in it and I loved seeing Chan go full FIRST BLOOD for a huge chunk of it.


I''m gutted this didn't get a cinema release.  I would love to have seen it up on the big screen..

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2 hours ago, Monkeyboy said:

Thing is, you could remove Chan from the plot and the plot wouldn't be much different. That's why it feels like two plots working almost independently from each other at times.


I do agree there but it worked for me. It's a political thriller with this fly in the ointment element. They don't overplay the revenge angle so it doesn't come off as a Taken wannabe, and it has enough action to liven up what could have ended up a relatively stiff and derivative Alan J Pakula knock off.


I feel that what we end up with is a pretty unique movie. Credible as a political thriller, but with strong action chops and a huge dollop of human pathos. I really dug it. I do agree it is two films smashed together, but for me that's its strength because both compliment each other. It's like the Long Good Friday if we also got to know the Irish contingent. 

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