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Watchmen on HBO


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14 hours ago, Sane said:

To be clear, I meant read them at all rather than the order. But I've decided to read them, thanks!


Just don't read anything but the original Watchmen series..  subsequent comics have largely been.. poor.


It's some sort of miracle that the tv series turned out to be as good as it did.. who'd have thought we'd ever get something that even got close to being a worthy follow-up?

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13 hours ago, Sane said:

Will it enhance my enjoyment of this greatly if I read the comics first? 


It's not essential - I know people who watched the series and loved it without ever reading the comics - but I think you'll probably get more out of it. Or at least be slightly less confused. The original comic is worth reading in its own right, really.

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13 hours ago, MDY said:


subsequent comics have largely been.. poor.



Subsequent comics have been... fan-fiction. Fan-fiction by a multinational corporation. In direct opposition to the author. But fan-fiction non the less.


To be fair I thought that about the show, but that fan-fiction turned out to be the best tv of the year by a country mile. 

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On 14/09/2021 at 21:56, Camel said:

I watched it without reading anything before and thought it was amazing.

As did my partner. Who thought (correctly) that it was the greatest show they had seen in years and years. 

and she hates super hero stuff. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

It took a while but I read the comics. They're very interesting, not at all what I was expecting (I knew nothing about it beforehand). I'm now very curious to see what the show is about. 

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