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Football Thread 2017/18


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1 minute ago, Mr Do 71 said:

West Ham are going down. :bye:


Absolutely and fully deserved. Players don't give a fuck and the board, oh, the board..


It'll be worth the destruction of the club to see Sullivan and Gold lose their golden goose.

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53 minutes ago, The Fox said:


Genuinely baffled by it. Yeah Ramsey goes big on the theatrics but it’s absolutely 100% a foul. Even Dyche said it was “probably a penalty”, and that was right after the game when he must have been fuming.


Because it's a fucking dive where Ramsey was never ever only going to get near the ball if he suddenly whipped out a fucking stepladder. He doesn't even start diving until the ball is almost past him.


What no-one picked up was that Dyche was in full-on sarcasm mode.  He does that a bit.  "Was it a penalty? It was never not going to be.  (later) Compared to some you see in this league that was a two armed smash!"


Anyway, first win at the Vitality Stadium since 2002, I think.  Two more lovely goals.  Somehow, Burnley enter the month of December above Spurs and in a Europa League position.  How much are flights to BATE Borisov?

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3 hours ago, Oh Danny Boy said:

Everton were making noises about being top four pre season... now they’ve hired Allardyce. I wonder how sick the fanbase feels? 


Quite sick. But it's been an utter planless shambles, spending billions on decent players who all play in the same position and not replacing an, if nothing else, incredibly reliable striker. A manager who had a great season and an admirable forthrightness and honesty then decided he had no idea what do to with his new charges and showed no inclination to change what quite obviously wasn't working. However, if I think about it, and this is proper "trying to make the best of it", he's always moaned he's never gotten a chance at a big club to show what he can do. Despite the shitshow of a season so far, it's arguably the chance he was after - or at least the closest chance to a good team he's ever going to get and there's money for once - so fuck it, things couldn't be much worse as they are, which is a bit baffling really. There's a really good team there (without a real striker), somewhere.

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Without Lukaku (sold), Bolasie (injured) and Coleman (injured), Everton had the pace ripped out the first eleven. They looked fine losing Stones but they miss him now. That's one thing I notice watching them; they have very little pace. Losing those three all at the same time is a real blow - it's about £150m of talent all gone at the same time. Add to that, Baines is in decline, Jagielka too is ending his career rapidly and Williams has lost so much confidence (for both Everton and Wales). It is sad to see. Allardyce is probably going to have to ship out 10-15 players and replace them. 

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20 minutes ago, Sirloin said:

Sterling looking like the player he always promised to be.


I've never been a fan of Sterling but credit to him for learning.  I think this is the difference between Guardiola and others in that he coaches his players.  They become better players, not just better organised, or fitted into an existing system.

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46 minutes ago, Shoes said:

Yes, he's a better footballer than me.


Yeah whatever, you're the one that claimed it "mental" that it might be a contender for goal of the season. So you think it wasn't a particularly great goal, why not? It's a piece of piss to just dismiss something out of hand, what makes it such an everyday effort in your view then? 

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4 hours ago, Shoes said:

It's clearly not an 'every day' effort, brother. But it isn't a goal of the season in my eyes, although obviously it'll win.


It's a contender.  



Look at the flight of it, it's just a lovely thing, with enough spin to make it drop before crossing the line. Should count as two.



Just heard the MOTD commentary :o:D


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Hit and hope? :lol: 

Amazing long range pass to the open goal. So many people would try control first then shoot.

He did have a lot to aim at but did you see the ref get out of the way, he was like a ninja. 

I’m well happy for him, hopefully they can climb the table. 


Did you see Klopp forget about the derby when being interviewed? 

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