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Football Thread 2017/18


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West Brom open to safe standing.


West Bromwich Albion say they are willing to use The Hawthorns as part of a pilot scheme for safe standing.

The Premier League wrote to all 20 top-flight clubs about a trial to re-introduce standing areas, which were banned in 1994.

Albion's director of operations Mark Miles said: "We would be very keen to be involved.

"It is the same message I have delivered verbally at previous meetings," he added.

But Miles said that before any scheme can be considered, the case has to be made for legislative change on the grounds of safety.

All-seater stadiums have been compulsory in the top two divisions in England since an inquiry into the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans.

Any change to introduce standing at stadiums in England would need government legislation.



I think this is definitely something I'd want to see happen. When I started attending matches without my Dad, I used to stand on a terrace and I must admit, it was, at times, very scary if the terrace was full but this would be great. It would also mean that lower division teams can increase their capacities for a much smaller investment.  

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One of The Anfield Wrap podcasters did a video blog of a day at Celtic in the safe standing. Said it was one of the best footballing experiences hes had in years. Said that even though the game meant nothing (Celtic already had the title) the crowd didnt stop jumping or singing throughout. I'd love to have safe standing, would really help the atmosphere at games.

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Standing should be brought back, we used to stand at Caley park (even though dad knews the chairman its better to be outside rayher than in a box) and it was perfectly safe and great. Admittedly theres was usually 1000ish people there but at times there was 10,000 full capacity and it was still safe and awesome. Plus it was £5 to get in and if youbwaited to 60mins you'd get a free leftover pie! 

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On 2017-6-25 at 15:11, the_debaser said:

Seems to work well enough at Parkhead so if people want it then it should be trialled. I actually quite like having a seat to sit in though. 


They have seats. You can sit down if you need to.

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I'm on Virgin with the full everything package and it costs a lot of money (my Mrs pays it) and it's cleverly (or cuntily) tied together so if we drop the movies, it makes hardly any difference, if we drop BT Sports, the same. I hardly watch anything other than Sky Sports 1 as that tends to have football, cricket, boxing and the rugby league. I hope they get rid of the SD channels and just keep the HD channels - the difference between Sky Sports 1 SD and BT HD is massive - even on my ancient 720p plasma.

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19 hours ago, the_debaser said:

I'd be tempted to drop a few channels too. Football is a must, NFL and GAA would be important for me to keep too.


Everything else I wouldn't miss, apart from maybe SSN. 


Unbelievable debs!!

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