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Metroid Prime 4

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45 minutes ago, Rob Rule said:

They wouldn't dare after the tantrums about Federation Force.

Shit I mixed up Hunters and Federation Force. Joke ruined. 


My idea was that they'd see Federation Force 2 as their own potential take on the Destiny genre, a Nintendo shared online experience grindfest a go go! Instead of proper Prime.

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It's understandable why this got announced so early. On the first E3 of the Switch, they announced a new 2D Metroid...for the 3DS. Announcing they had something in the pipeline for the Switch was to stop the fans from complaining there was nothing coming on their new hardware. 


Still way too early, mind.

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3 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

I'm already on the list, so I can reply with:


What if Prime 4 is secretly Prime Hunters 2 instead of a proper Prime 

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I for one would welcome a Hunters sequel. It’s a title I had a lot of fun with and is massively underrated for some reason, imo. A forgotten gem.

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2 hours ago, Sexton Hardcastle said:

Nintendo aren’t announcing a new Metroid game by letting the work experience kid who runs a developers social media hint about it on twitter.

While that's true, to the best of my knowledge that's completely new art...

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