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The End Is Nigh! (The End has Come - out now!)

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Created by Edmund McMillan (Team Meat) and Tyler Glaiel (Bombernauts), a new platformer:




It's not Meatboy but it sort of is and it's probably the closest we'll get for a long while. July 12th hype!



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On 14/06/2017 at 23:34, VN1X said:

Is that Rich Evans I'm hearing? :lol:


Yeah lol, did my head in for ages trying to think who it was.


On 15/06/2017 at 00:36, clippa said:

I really enjoyed meatboy but I don't have the urge to play more of the same.


It's different enough for me; from what I've seen the focus of the design is different - levels seem to be more like multiscreen based puzzles, taking inspiration from I assume Manic Miner since they're even using classical remixes. I get that the market is over saturated with indie platformers - but I've not seen anything better than Meat Boy.


Everything's vectored properly as well so it's going to be damn beautiful on a giant monitor.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Only got to play about an hour so far and while there are some similarities to SMB this feels like a very different game. The control scheme is the biggest difference as you are able to hang off the edge of blocks which forms a large part of the platforming (along with the moving scenery.


I've been playing using the keyboard so far as you need to press down quickly and accurately whilst moving sideways which I can see being a fiddle with an analogue stick. I do feel like I have a little less control in the jumping but I'm sure that will come in time. Also grabbing the ledges also feels a bit off sometimes but that could just be adjustment needed to a new mechanic. It has caused a few frustrating deaths which is something I never really felt with SMB.


So still very much getting used to it but I've enjoyed finding and working out how to get to some of the secrets even if it is frustrating in places. Looking at the achievement lists I'm not going to even try to fully 100% it!

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It's not as polished as Meat Boy - but they've upped the secret game *so* much, the secrets are really well thought out and I think that's what this is more about. I'm enjoying this a lot, when the music changes you and you find a mega-tumor it's so damn good!

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As somebody in the Youtube comments somewhere said - "This is more I Wanna Be The Guy than Meat Boy" and that's pretty much spot-on and I don't think it's a negative either. It's much less fluid in feel than Meat Boy and relies on old-skool precision platforming a lot more - but for me the main enjoyment is looking for level design oddities which will almost always lead to a secret or a great mass of secrets. It's very fun and very tough - I do recommend it though.

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