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Panza Dragoon Saga 2 - Video!!!


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im on Broadband 500k and it played a bit rugged on mine too... it looked legit (own the first one)... the main title screen was...

genos (in big purple letering)

Panza Dragoon RPG

(the first was called in japan)


Panza Drogoon Rpg

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Hmmmm. Can't really see what Sega are getting at with this. Orta was a flop, Saga is fondly remembered by all of 12 people who had a Saturn by the time it was released...

Doesn't really fit in with Sega's current no-risk policy, but I'll take it anyway. PDO was a tour de force and the Xbox could use some more RPGs.

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Although the first five seconds of the movie are dubious, the camera looking at the board trying to tell you they are filming in japan.

I also thought the beginning was a little dubious, but the trailer itself looked so professionally done.


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whois -h whois.opensrs.net year-of-the-dragon.com


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Technical Contact:

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Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.

Record last updated on 25-Jan-2004.

Record expires on 25-Jan-2005.

Record created on 25-Jan-2004.

Domain servers in listed order:



Fucking German wankbags! ;)

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Damn, damn, damn, damn. I've been playing Panzer Dragoon Orta tonight (picked it up for a bargain £9 where I work), just completed it and unlocked the original. Both great games, love the Xbox one. Anyway, reading the topic I was elated but then I hear it could be fake? ;):ph34r:

It better not be, or else! I just hope it isn't. If it is true, best gaming news of the year so far!!!!

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Remember the Mario fake doing the rounds last year, 2D style mario and had camera flashes and was displayed on a big screen etc.

.::: That one had several clearly definable points to debunk it.

I'm still searching this trailer for anything that might not be correct. The board at the start is the only thing making it odd. Just as the URL of course. The trailer itself... it's convincing.

Maybe the guy got access but didn't jsut want to 'leak' it personally and thus made it seem like someone else leaked it? Maybe he discovered the url was still available and picked it up immediately?

So many questions...

So much hope...

So much dissapointment if it goes wrong...

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I`d be very suprised if it was a fake as it looks to good to be one. If it is whats the point? the person ain`t getting nothing out of it. Didn`t nagoshi say something in his column this month about working on a game he`s been wanting to do for a long time? Don`t know if this is it.

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