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My mate went to live in japan


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28 minutes ago, Arctic Feather said:


Closer to $100.  Everything in that store is very overpriced.



I think most have been in these shops by this stage, and yeah, heavily over priced. 

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I can't even remember if he went to live in Nagoya or Nagano.


one or the other.


Probably the former.


but since it's been 12 years since my trip, I just figured they'd upped their prices in line with inflation / the retro scene?

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What is the modern day gaming/ geek scene like in Japan? Is it still that much different to over here, or does the fact that games have become increasingly popular over here mean there isn't such a gulf in what's available any more?

I remember back in the day (80s/90s) there was always the impression that gaming was much more mainstream and culturally acceptable in Japan than it was in the west, and that videogame (or just geek stuff in general - sci-fi, fantasy etc) was much more ingrained in society (including manga and anime of course). 

There were whole epic series of games which never saw the light of day over here until gaming started to be accepted as something that could be cultural or of an acceptable production standard to be called "mainstream" entertainment, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior etc. 

All you ever really heard about it was bullshit from someone whose cousin's mate went to Japan once, or the "Look at those crazy Japs!" sort of coverage we got in western video games magazines. 

I just wonder if things are still different over there, in other words, in 30 years time, will these second hand shops just have all the same AAA PS4/ Xbone titles we have over here, but with Japanese writing on the cover, rather than all the weird and wonderful things like those in the pictures above?

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