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Far Cry 5

Mr Do 71

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I picked this up in the recent sale as well. It seems to veer wildly between being incredibly easy (almost everything in the open world) and absurdly, arbitrarily difficult (mostly scripted sequences like the opening car chase). I’d rather the bases were much tougher and the story missions weren’t there at all. 

I picked up the remaster of 3 at the same time and it’s interesting to see what they dropped along the way. FC3 still has some of the DNA of FC2, in good ways (the healing animations, the fire mechanics) and bad (super slow and clunky body search animations). Also I can’t believe we’re five games in and it’s STILL almost impossible to search a body without accidentally swapping your weapon, is this just me? It happens all the time.

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Fucks' sake.  I started playing through them last weekend and was looking forward to doing more this weekend.  They are incredibly well done.


Literally did not affect anything MGM was doing whatsoever.

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This is £6.49 on the PS Store at the moment. I played it a while ago after playing 4 and Blood Dragon.


It is just as excellent as I remember.


Any po-faced purist can sit on one, as far as I'm concerned. I've not played a single moment of this game without a massive grin on my face - the story is utter tripe, the FPS aspects are dodgy, the standard Ubisoft collect-em-all is abundant. But you know what? This game is what Just Cause wishes it could be.


Customise a character with a mullet and a stars-and-stripes t shirt, get a big gun, turn your brain off, and have some of the most dumb shit fun you've had on a game in years. 

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It is generic as all hell, but it is very enjoyable to play and I can't put my finger on why. Doing stupid things to get the engage-big-area-baddie gauge up is generally all part of the fun, be that blowing up cult-owned vehicles with a rocket launcher or doing actual missions. I had a couple of the randomly-generated NPCs as regulars and didn't recruit anyone else, it was like having a slightly broken mate with shit aim hanging about, and when they got run over by a truck you'd go "oh you idiot". By the time I packed it in I had this Blood Dragon laser-rocket pistol thing permanently in my arsenal because it could one-shot planes and choppers out of the sky really handy once the cult stated sending the annoying air attacks in. 


For that money it's fantastic value. Just have to hold your nose and try to forget the Ubiness.

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