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The Handmaids Tale - Season 2 Hulu/Sunday Night C4

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7 hours ago, Miner Willy said:

I've seen all but the finale. 3.11 was really great - finally some payoff. I loved the final scene with the Kate Bush soundtrack too.


I absolutely loved the score at the end of the twelfth episode.



You can imagine my disappointment at the pigheaded Amazon reviews giving Adam Taylor's fine work one star because people bought the S1 score, expecting loads of pop songs.

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I watched the finale last night and, to be honest, it did nothing to redeem the fact that, for me, most of the season has been a boring load of crap. Any up-tick in the storyline came too late to save it - I just didn't care by the time it happened. I doubt I'll watch any more - or I'll at the very least wait to see what the feedback is before I do so.


One thing I'm unclear about is how:



the Martha's were able to get fifty kids out of their homes and to June's house unnoticed and from there to an airfield capable of supporting commercial jets but guarded by a single man. I mean. it's not like there are armed patrols everywhere you look or anything is it? Similarly how a bunch of other handmaids in their "low-key" scarlet robes, were able to get into the woods unnoticed to rescue June the following day.

Then there's the armed guard who, after being pelted with rocks by what was obviously several assailants, decides it's a wise move to just run after June into the woods when she makes herself known.

Now, given my levels of boredom and the resulting amount of time I spent looking at my phone instead of paying attention, I might have missed the reasons for these things. Apologies if so. If the reasons were given, could someone explain to me please? - at least I'll get some small measure of closure.

If ever a show should have just ended with the events in the book, this is it. The original season was excellent. Everything since has been a downward spiral of boredom and misery.

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I did enjoy the show but I think it would have a been a lot better if seasons 2 and 3 had been allowed to develop more evenly across other characters and story-lines. The highlights of the last season for me have all been separate to Joan, particularly when we get glimpses into different aspects of the country and how it is run. 

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On 07/05/2018 at 19:32, Hanzo the Razor said:

It's also bordering on torture porn/exploitation at times.  The 


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hand held over the gas burner


scene was where it tipped into that for me.  We get it.  They're not very nice people.  Move on.  I'll watch an Ilsa movie if I want that kind of thing.


I've just started season 2 after watching season 1 about two weeks ago. I'm finding it hard going (Christ I'm only on episode 1). It's just too fucking bleak and I can't say I'm getting anything from it other than lowering my mood.


I'm really not sure if I should try and push on and just walk away and read the second book. 

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there's definitely a whiff of Dexter about it now, especially their overuse of ending an episode with June glaring at the camera but I'm still enjoying it. It still has the ability to shock, the opening of the last episode with the girls with Downs really bothered me. 


Biggest dissapointment is Baby Nicole didn't have Nick's fantastic eyebrows.

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8 hours ago, Mr Combo Breaker said:

is it grim then? or actually shite?




The book is fine, but basically I didn't like where she went with things. Preferred the odd ending to the original book. This is too explainey.

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Conversely, I've been reading The Testaments and I think it's absolutely excellent. It's surprisingly true to the show's continuity, too, not only going out of its way to align to events seen on screen but even including a major character who's from the show and not from the first book. Anyone who's been enjoying the show and wants to pick up with events in Gilead 15 years later can jump straight in without reading the original book.


It leaves an interesting problem though - as the book does reveal, directly or indirectly, the fate of a number of major characters from the show and of course you get to see Gilead 'in the future' so you know how things turn out. So the show now has to make an interesting choice - does it try to act as a lead-in to this "15 years later" story over the next few years and thereby remove a lot of suspense for those who have read it? Does it diverge into some sort of alternate continuity (perhaps unlikely given that Atwood's gone to considerable lengths not to invalidate the show and is herself an executive producer)? Does it do some sort of time skip and try to actually film this as written? It's a conundrum for sure.

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