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Life's a tad tricksome at the moment... Works an oddness, family members falling over with a mix of alzheimer's, kidney failure, autism, arthritis and alcoholism (split across five people we're caring for) and wife's food intolerances have gone through the roof with stress. 


The dietician's have moved her onto a fodmap diet which is helping but so constrained it's untrue. Also not helpful is the fact that depending on what or where you read things there's conflicting advice (almond's out, marzipan is in in limited amount).


Anyone on the diet? Any suggestions on safe meals to cook and prepare?

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I've done it (and should still be... I've lapsed hard). You should have been given a booklet with the do's and don'ts and another which has a few basic recipes in.


Look at the gluten free aisle. You can find a lot of stuff that matches the fodmap diet there. If you do stir fries often, buy tamari sauce. It's very similar to soy sauce but has no gluten in it. Infused oils are great as well. You can get garlic infused olive oil which lets you 'cheat' garlic into a dish. 


When I was more strictly following it I essentially lived on variations of stir fries, a very bland Bolognese (mince, small amount of tomato puree, passatta, as many herbs as you can throw at it and gluten free Worcester sauce) with gluten free pasta, and bacon and brie omlettes.


... If nothing else I lost weight.


I'll dig out the booklets if you want the full NHS guidelines for it.

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My girlfriend is on this (and has been for several months), and it's doable.


Have you downloaded the fodmap app? It's paid (like £4 I think): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.foodmaestro.fodmapapp&hl=en_GB


It comes with a barcode scanner which lets you scan products in the supermarket and it'll tell you whether they are low FODMAP or not.


Essentially, anything with onion and garlic is out, which is pretty much all processed foods, bar the odd thing here and there.


If you're wife is after low FODMAP snacks, these are good:




Can be found in most supermarkets, and they're healthy. Avoid the other flavours, most aren't low fodmap.

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