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M Night Shyamalan's Glass (2019)

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Urrrrgh, this is an awful film, its so dull and plodding, I was so bored. The script is laughably bad and the editing it all over the place. I think it tries to be way too clever and just fails. Also what's with MNS suddenly deciding to shoot loads of it from a first person perspective, in a handheld style mode? It was so jarring.


I didn't really like Split outside of McAvoy performance but in this he came across like a parody, just really ridiculous. Willis seems bored as usually and Jackson does the best with what he has.


Overall, a drop in quality from Split (which isn't saying much) and a massive drop in quality from Unbreakable. At least you can watch Unbreakable and not have to bother with the other two, they aren't essential (it was always just tacked onto Split anyway just so he could get Glass made)


My wife summed it up best...."meh. I'm just left wondering what was the point really. Its so underwhelming"

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