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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Add your tag to the list in the OP


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Been on with @AlanT  all evening. We did so bad, don't think a single top 10... Lots of fun though... 


Highlight for me was hitting the driver of a jeep at full speed with a single head shot. Fired one random potshot at him from about 100m and knocked him out the car.

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4 hours ago, Mr Tony said:

We need 1 more person on xbox now. Anyone on?


Bah.  I would have been up for this if I'd seen it.  Maybe tomorrow!


I did a solo or two earlier  Came 4th.  We were all in a tiny circle right at the peak of a mountain.  Saw a guy run in.  Crept up behind him only to be surprised he was lying prone facing away from me. Shot him in the back and he STILL managed to one shot me!  fucker,   Got a few few 12's and an 8th.  Enjoying this bigly. 

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The circle was getting smaller so we jumped on some bikes and thought we’d take refuge in one of those hexagonal towers on stilts; the ones with the stairs outside going up to the second story. 


I go up first and open the door and expect the usual empty room with table with a phone on it. However there’s a guy with a rifle prone  on the floor who opens up on me. I get a few shots into him but get knocked and start crawling on the floor as the rest of my squad who had been following me tumble into the room keystone cops style ,and finish the guy off. I get healed and the next minute a grenade comes through the window and lands on the floor as we all jam ourselves into the other tiny room as the blast goes off.


Then the windows shatter and a smoke grenade gets popped below and the rest of the guys’ squad open up on the building.  By this time the circle is small and moved off  so we all jump out of the tiny toilet window into smoke and bullets. I manage to get to a rock as two of my team go down. I knock one guy with my Aug but his pal come round the round and knocks me. 


We then find our last squad mate hasn’t left the building, so he then loads his shottie and charges out of the building in a Butch and Sundance move to avenge us. It’s heroic but doomed. 


#3 and a hell of a last game for the night. 

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