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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Add your tag to the list in the OP

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Just now, Scruff said:

Urgh. doing really well controlling the red mist when I see other players and then yesterday, in a squad with @spork and a couple of others and I go and get us wiped out with my stupidity :( 


On the way to the zone, OK equipped, 30 odd people left and when driving I see a car pull out in front of us. I instantly want them dead so chase them down and try to ram them when they stop and all jump out. We got a couple of them but the whole squad was wiped. I had to log off quickly afterwards as I was absolutely livid with myself.


And so the hunt for a FPP chicken dinner continues.


:lol: I wouldn't worry too much!


I gunned one down, one ran away over a hill, we might have killed one when we ran him over. It was just that one guy who killed the three of you and then me because I didn't know he was in the shed.


I think if we had continued to drive around the buildings so we could get out and have some cover we might have faired a bit better rather than just driving up to them and getting out.


Live and learn and next time we won't all die as quickly.




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Could I get a link to the Discord + details of people playing this in squads? 


Also, how do you transition in this from a frightened rabbit to a deadly predator? :D


So far I've managed to kill 3 people and I've come fourth. Most of my time is spent hiding in sheds and praying....

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Sent you a PM Cavalcade. I'm afraid I can't help you on the predator part as I seem to have a bullseye tattooed on my back/head/chest :(


Anyone on Trash just join the chat and ask if anyone is playing. There are usually people ready and waiting for some squad action.

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On 14/08/2017 at 10:59, tobert said:

@Scruff I have played a few times solo but would love to try squading up so if you could PM me the details that would be appreciated :)


2 hours ago, Blunted said:

Can I get a pm with discord details too pls?


Sent and sent!

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Killed five losers yesterday in Duo. That's my record. 8-)


But then me and @Mike were hiding in the tiny room upstairs in a "water tower"-looking building (hope that's a universal thing) in a tiny circle and KNEW someone was outside the door cos we could hear them. Waited what seemed like ages, counted down and then opened the door and rushed in hoping to see a scared rabbit surprised by 40 bullets spraying into him. Instead one bloke shot gunned me straight to crawling and then his mate sprayed mike to his death, and so I died too. Was absolutely pathetic.


i record every time we play and that will definitely make a highlight reel eventually, but I'm not sure when I'll bother chopping down hours and hours of us hiding and dying.


still absolutely love the game though.

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Just got into this. First game I've got into in years I would say. Helped I've had two weeks off work to pay the hobby a bit more attention. I was really sceptical at first like a few people in this thread - hated the instadeath, hated the amount of time it took for anything to happen, couldn't get my head around the aiming, hated the amount of sitting about (though in hindsight just wasn't playing it 'properly')


I really benefited from reading this guide:



and I think you do benefit from reading around and watching other players. You do have to have a zen calm for the random number generation and part of it is basically a 'test your patience' game which isn't going to suit everyone - plus at 30 minutes a round its definitely not quick and it can limit your ability to practice your shooting etc.


It also really helps if you know the people you're playing with - I play duo / squad with a couple of guys and because I know them, it's not painful to shoot the breeze for 30 minutes if its a slower game than usual. 


Had a great game last night where all I had for the whole game was a revolver and my partner only had an MP5 but still managed to come 2nd with my partner in a great show down on a hill 

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Soloing against squads is my favourite way to play. It's tough, but you're entirely in control of your progress, aren't distracted by teammates, and squads have 3 or 4 times the footprint that you do. They have 4 times the eyes, of course, but stealthing around intelligent teams is just the best game ever. 

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"Save to gallery" doesn't seem to do anything for me, but uploading to YouTube works (and causes lag for the next game; kinda dumb really - wait til I've finished playing plz)


Here is my trial highlight upload to see what the quality and timespan was like:



EDIT: having watched my video, what happened next was his mate crawled out the door and me and @Mike shot him so he jumped off the roof and ran for cover. That part obviously wasn't considered a highlight. :(


Also so strange that the video auto comments my system specs. Makes it look like I'm showing off my 18GB RAM.

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On 26/08/2017 at 08:44, Sealflap said:

Just started playing this and would love to do some duos or squads with you guys. Any chance some of you are around evenings 8-11 ish? Be warned I'm a bullet magnet at the moment it seems :P


Repost because :(

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Had a good day today with PUBG. Got a couple of Chicken Dinners with a squad from the Reddit Discord then managed to get 2nd in solo with 8 kills mostly with the VSS. I had the drop on the guy in the last circle and should have taken him out but my heart was pounding like crazy and I fucked it up.

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