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9 minutes ago, JDubYes said:

10 o'clock should be okay.


What's the format now then, I'm confused? I got the impression we had three PS4 guys and three PC, so we'd just end up playing some "friendlies" to identify the master race.

No there is 6 of the pc guys and 3 of us  so we just play each team 3 times and do the table at the end as normal

But with me you and bj in the same team there can only be one winner ;)

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Yeah go ahead with Mammas_Boy, Mullo and Marnchair. If I end up playing with a couple of others later then we'll join you at 10 if that won't screw things up. I just can't guarantee I can get another team of three.

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Oh I thought the teams were set up already fox lol

Team A

Sir Mullo

Marn chair

Mammas boy


Team B





Team C





Fixtures (3 games)


Team A vs team B

Team C no game


10.30 approx 

Team B vs team C

Team A no game 


11pm ish

Team A vs team C

Team B no game 

Someone from each team put the score in here and I can work out the tables later tonight 

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22 hours ago, mackenie said:

@BeeJay @JDubYes @John0 any of u guys on tonight at 7.30 and still play rl? Or anyone else for that matter....


Sorry bud, I jacked it in maybe a year or so ago. A combo of feeling like I’d hit my ceiling (hard enough that there were fears of a concussion), the community (at large, not the folks on here), and the feeling that I really needed to stop just playing RL and Destiny all the time and maybe play some of the other games I’d bought in the previous two years.


Turns out other games are good too! Who knew?!

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