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Do you have the skills like me on rocket league??

Or the dribbling prowess of Benny??

Or the banter like angle on the ale?????

Or nothing to do on a Wednesday???

Well you're in luck

The final rocket league tournament  (maybe) starts next Wednesday at 10pm

It's a 3v3 format with each team playing 3 games against each team. Each win is worth 3 points and a game that goes into to overtime the losers of that game will receive **** 2 points **** this time around to make it a bit more interesting 


Good luck

Let's do this

Names on a postcard 





Fox (pc)

Sponge  (pc)

Mr rmg  (pc)

Mommas boy (pc)

Sir Mullo (pc)

Marn chair (pc)




Team A

Sir Mullo

Marn chair

Mammas boy


Team B





Team C





Fixtures (3 games)


Team A vs team B

Team C no game


10.30 approx 

Team B vs team C

Team A no game 


11pm ish

Team A vs team C

Team B no game 

Someone from each team put the score in here and I can work out the tables later tonight :)


Good luck 


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We're rank best to worse and then teams are selected that way,unless you have a team of 3 you're more than welcome to just use your team then hopefully we could have 4 teams 

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1 hour ago, Sponge said:

Hang on the thread title says PS4, is it limited to that only (for some reason)?

No it's ps4 and pc .I didn't think to say as everyone plays on the ps4 usually 

You on Xbox?

3 hours ago, gooner4life said:

Not for me this time lads, have a good one

But we are reigning champions bro :(

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On 3/18/2017 at 21:14, Theholyhogg said:

@John0 @Jamin could u guys do Tuesday or Thursday at 10pm?


Could do Thursday yeah. Bear in mind you're depriving the single ladies of Britain both myself *and* Jamin on the same night though. Seems harsh.

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2 hours ago, Marnchair said:

I'm definitely up for this!


Though is there going to be a problem teaming PC against PS4? Just wondering...

No all we do is create a online game call it rllmuk or whatever and just post the password on here then we all just join it

If we could get u and ur guys @Fox all to join then me @superstarbeejay and @JDubYes could be a team and I can sort the fixtures out I think it's just @Sir Mullo that hasn't shown interest if he's in and you split Into two teams then we're all set:)

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