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War Machine - Netflix, Brad Pitt and David Michôd


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Based on non-fiction book, The Operators, following General Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan. But it's been turned into more of a satirical film, with Pitt playing General Dan McMahon to avoid issues with McChrystal.


It'll also star Tilda Swinton, Will Poulter, Sir Ben Kingsley, Scoot McNairy, Topher Grace, Anthony Michael Hall, Meg Tilly and Alan Ruck.


Directed by David Michôd, of Animal Kingdom, which got a very good reception, and The Rover, which also seems to have gone down well.


Release on 26 May.



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On 3/2/2017 at 13:13, Mr Cochese said:

Getting pretty sick of these Marvel solo spin-offs by now.


And they're reusing Ben Kingsley! Bloody lazy, that's what it is.

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5 hours ago, Jack Walsh's coffee shop said:

Went round to a friend's the other night, he was 10 minutes into watching it. Politeness preventing me from objecting to it running its course.


Oh, and to think it had the more famous guy from Weird Science, playing a character that was now disgraced Gen Mike Flynn (in all but name).

Not only that but it's got Ferris Bueller's mate and the dead one out of An American Werewolf In London (the less hairy one out of "Whose That Girl")



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