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The Hierophant

Sunday Lunch

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17 hours ago, Foxworth said:

I guess it went badly...


16 hours ago, Mrs Horribleman said:

He's been in hospital all night with beef poison. 




No, it went well although not as well as I had hoped. 


The Top Rib cooked really well long and slow. I was a bit wary of it as it sounded like it could be tough but it was a lovely looking piece of meat. 




I was aiming for about 4 hours at 100 degrees to get an internal temp of 50 (118f) rest it and then sear at the end when the yorkshires Cook. 


After three hours I was at 99f:




I then underestimated how long it would take to get to 118f and when I next checked it was at 140f I.e already medium. 


I whisked it out out and gave it the briefest sear but it was cooked through:




That said it was lovely and everyone really enjoyed it. 


For a a piece of meat that is supposed to be tough the slow cooking was wonderful as it was really tender and soft. I would definitely do this cut again as it was cheap and tasty. I would just cook it less. 


Apologies for not updating and for mixing f (US instructions) and c (UK oven)

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Wow can’t believe it is a year since I posted in here. 


I have been merrily cooking sunday Sunday lunch all winter. I've been having much more success with the reverse sear; did a fantastic piece of beef last week. 


Apologies for no photos. 


I'm going to try reverse searing a leg of lamb today. 

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On 24/02/2019 at 12:12, The Hierophant said:

After two hours at 100°c it as reached 49°c. After three hours it was 63°c and came out rest. 


And the pictures.....

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