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Halloween (2018). Surprisingly Decent.

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I'd forgetten this existed. Might watch it over next couple of days. But...


For me the greatest loss of the film is that Michael isn't Laurie's brother. As the parent of a neural typical daughter and an autistic (fortunately generally non-violent but occasionally unknowingly strong and clumsy) son I can completely get the utter sadness of a sibling caught in an abusive relationship and processing that amidst the drive to survive.  I dare say the films ok in places but in taking out this part of the relationship - the moment if poignancey of Laurie's tears at the end of H20 - I just can't get as interested in the film. 


Shame - as the central conceit of being related to a serial killer - is still one of the strongest parts of Halloween to me. 

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We watched it last night. Thought it was a decent "unstoppable bad guy" kind of movie but as brutal as Michael is in this he wasn't anywhere near as frightening as he was in the original film.


That long follow sequence the culiminates in his reflection in the window of the woman talking on the phone could have been handled so much better if we were just shown her talking without following Michael and then his reflection appearing in the window.


That's what it gets wrong for me, it shows far too much of Myers

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