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Project CARS 2 - The ‘ultimate driver journey’


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On 18/08/2022 at 22:56, Junker said:

@davadvice1 @Corranga driving the Formula Ford round Knockhill felt great. Not really tried much else as I was enjoying the driving experience so much and I’ve not done Knockhill in a game since TOCA or something?

 We should try a quick lobby if you’re up for it?

Ok, so I got it working with the wheel in compatibility mode last night, but hadn’t downloaded the whole game so spent an hour driving the McLaren around Long Beach pretending to be an Indy car driver or something last night, then put the PlayStation into rest mode as I was still only about 40% downloaded!

This morning I did a practice session, qualifying and a race in the formula first at Knockhill and… this feels really good. Feedback is nice, car feels responsive to the point I think I feel the subtleties of the cars movement more than in GT. It looks like it’s got a ton of tracks in it too, should have done this a year ago 😂

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