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Mods, please merge if there's a topic already.


Anybody watch this through?  it's an anthology horror series in the mold of American Horror Story, but instead of the OTT melodrama that show works with, this attempts to be much creepier.


The first season is based on the Creepypasta Candle Cove. It centres on a man returning to his home town after being plagued by dreams and images of a scary puppet TV show from his childhood.  Think an evil version of Captain Pugwash and you're pretty much there.




Structure-wise it's very much in the Stephen King wheelhouse, but tonally it's much more Silent Hill. The slow pacing and the unavoidable sense of dislocation's quite chilling.  Well, at least for a while - sad to say I found it ultimately disappointing as it's laboriously slow and the quality of the performances a bit hit and miss.  It also manages to get less and less frightening as it goes on.


Loads of stuff in it to like though, and I'd recommend seeing it through.  A supercut trimming it to half the time would be great (something I reckon Stranger Things would benefit from, too) as I reckon SyFy stretched the content ultra-thin to make a season out of a story you could easily fit into feature film length.


I enjoyed it enough to look forward to the second season, though: The No-End House


A young woman named Margot Sleator (Amy Forsyth) visits the No-End House, a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms. When she returns home, Margot realizes everything has changed.

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I loved the first episode (or 2) and then it just become very messy and quite boring at times.


It's a shame as it reminded me of Stranger Things, but ultimatly it is very silly. If you read the creepy pasta it's based on (which is very very short) i am not surprised why the series is lacking somewhat considering 95% is original and the 5% is based on the creepy pasta.


No End House is a much better creepy pasta so i hope the new series is good.. but still, i find it hard to believe it could be stretched out for a whole series.


I think these should have been tv movies personally.

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7 hours ago, Don Wiskerando said:

Pardon my tired old bones but could I ask, what is Creepy Pasta?


I'm getting too old for this internet.


They are pretty much the Internet version of folklore / urban legends. Short stories that usually have some kind of twist.

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I must confess, I didn't know what Creepypasta was until I watched the show.  I think on the plus side it's all copyright-free, hence there being a Slenderman game, this show appearing etc. On the downside, I read a couple and they were utter toilet :)



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I'm on to episode 2 of season two, No-End House.


When four friends enter the house, they learn that it is more than a haunted mansion. Confronted with strangely personal horrors in each room, they must try to find an escape.


So far, absolutely fantastic.  The pacing is already far better than S1. I agree with @Darhkwing that Candle Cove got a bit messy and should have been TV movie length. There just wasn't enough content for 6 episodes.


So far, this looks to have laid better groundwork: the characters are more nuanced and each one has an inner life we're starting to explore.


But more importantly, the visuals and atmosphere are phenomenal.  Like, properly nightmarishly weird and disturbing whilst being oddly beautiful - very much more like Hannibal than AHS. Just this haunted house/art installation popup sitting in the middle of suburbia... it's a fantastic conceit.




 The sound design... oh man. It's just brilliant. It's reminiscent of - again - Hannibal (no surprise as a lot of the same people worked on both) with superbly foreboding tunes and amazing SFX and foley work.


YMMV on this show. It's very slow paced and nightmarish - psychologically creepy, with very little in the way of gore and no jump scares. If you don't buy in to it you may bounce off pretty hard. Worth a try for anyone interested in the fringes of horror storytelling though.





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I finally started watching this. watched the first 2 episodes last night. Pretty good stuff!


I love the fact that they have really changed the "no end house" creepy pasta story so much yet still respects the original. I wasn't quite sure how they could spend 6 episodes on ones persons story but the fact they have changed it to multiple people really makes sense. Proper creepy as well, good stuff. Probably won't get a chance to watch anymore till sunday or next week but look forward to it.

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Finished the last couple of episodes last night. The problem i find with the channel zero stuff is it's dragged out a bit too long. I think 4 episodes were enough, the last two possibly were not needed IMO. 


First couple episodes where great though, the rest okay.

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Anyone watching S3 - Butcher's Block?


So I enjoyed season 2 a lot, although I agree 100% with @Darhkwing that it's several episodes too long every time. The episodes are a standard 42 mins long, so they could easily trim the fat and make a 2 hour movie of them.


Still, there's amazing stuff to see and the tone is genuinely frightening and unsettling. I'm on the third episode of season 3, and it's a chilling watch so far. It's 70% Clive Barker's Books of Blood (think Midnight Meat Train and The Forbidden) and 30% David Lynch, and packed full of viscera!







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Season 4: The Dream Door


So disappointingly, Channel Zero has been cancelled. I'm sure if it had been on Prime or Netflix it'd have done decent numbers. It's so annoying, as mediocre stuff like American Horror Story keeps getting renewed! Ah well.


Thankfully C0 goes out on a high, with Dream Door being the best season yet. It still drags at points, but far less than before as the protagonists are more fully rounded-out - you actually give a monkey's about them and their lives. It's also by far the most gory and probably the scariest, too. Pretzel Jack is a superb creation, but there are two other characters even more disturbing than him...


I'm genuinely sad it's gone. Although it was very hit-and-miss, when it was good it was amazing. 

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