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Destiny 2: #turtleno

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Very nice. When I realised it was going to be another just wander around the tower watching something happen very slowly event I went to bed. Looks like it was a cool little send off though.


53 minutes ago, auntyclimax said:

There are three versions of Destiny on Gamepass - which one do I need?


The one just called Destiny 2 (no suffix)




Update has been downloaded now and the new loading screen is giving much D1 feels :D

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As soon as a new expansion goes live Destiny servers are always an absolute shitshow for at least a few hours and I’d imagine they’ll be doubly so as it’s launching alongside the Series S|X today.


I’ve queued up a ton of stuff for my Series X anyway, so by the time it’s downloaded it’ll probably be bedtime I expect.


Hope they resolve the known issues quickly, especially the ‘weapon kill perks not working with stasis’ one as that sounds like it’ll be quite the handicap.

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5 hours ago, pledge said:

To play this on Xbox game pass, is it too soon to start installing it for beyond light? It says install base game, then forsaken and shadow keep a the moment. Don't want to download all that then have to start over again.


You won't dude, Destiny 2 runs off a single client with any expansions downloaded as a 10MB key each.

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Seems to be alright on Steam at the moment.


I'd convinced myself I wasn't going to buy Beyond Light for a while, unnecessary expense and all that. Logged in, drove around the new map for 5 mins shooting things, bought the digital deluxe edition. This fucking game. [insect-like chattering]

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Been in with no issues for about 2 hours now. Done a couple of really great new story missions and spent a fair bit of time just dicking around in the tower checking out new quests and stuff. 


It's great, it's new Destiny. Looks and plays great on the Series X and only going to get better when the 4K/60 patch arrives. I am happy. 

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Ah, hello Darkness my old friend. 

Initial impressions of Beyond Light after around 5 hours or so are mostly positive with a few caveats that may turn out to be major gripes.

Real shame that the full 60fps next-gen version wasn’t ready in time but good Lord are the instant inventory loading and fast travel times welcome on Series X. I’ve long envied PC players being able to dip in and out of the inventory at will and it’s a blessed relief to not have to contend with the creaking vanilla last-gen version anymore in that regard. 


Europa is pretty stunning to behold in terms of its vast barren icy vistas and the wintry weather effects are absolutely phenomenal. The music is exceptional too. These aspects almost go without saying with Destiny as whatever issues the game may have the art and sound teams at Bungie never ever fail to reaffirm their status as among the most talented in the industry. The sound of the Stasis abilities and supers is so unbelievably crunchy and crystalline and satisfying. They’re really well done.


Maybe it’s just because the boundaries of the areas on Europa aren’t so clearly visually delineated but it feels pretty expansive in size and there’s plenty of sweeping down snowdrifts and along icy cliffs on your Sparrow.


The story’s decent so far, if not feeling a little bit like a rehash of the first half of Forsaken.


One of the most satisfying aspects of a new expansion is always that initial foray into unknown lands when you’re underpowered and standard enemies once again pose a threat, but I swear this feels markedly harder than what’s come before. I fought the first proper named boss just before switching it off and it was fucking nails, even though I was just under the recommended power level for it. Took me a good 4 or 5 goes and required some proper strategising to conquer. Given a few weeks and a proper loadout and decent gear that will no doubt tail off somewhat but it is a really great feeling to be properly challenged by story content once again and it was a very cool fight mechanically.

Changes to the mod system are excellent and streamline it nicely, eliminating the need for faffing around with different element sets depending on which weapons you're using.


No idea what the seasonal content is because apart from picking up the seasonal artifact (which I recommend doing as soon as possible or else you’ll lose out on XP for it) I haven’t come across yet. Expect you have to finish the story first.

The notes of caution I’d sound though are that unless there’s some big gear dump to come later on it looks as if there’s going to be something of a paucity of new loot...


There’s a set of new Europa weapons, two of which I got and they’re OK I guess, but on initial impressions don’t appear to be on a par with the best we’ve had before. A little worryingly though the world loot pool doesn’t seem to have been updated at all as far as I could tell. First legendary world drop I got was a Forsaken-era weapon which was a bit underwhelming to say the least. :unsure:


One new pinnacle weapon and one new vendor armour set shared across strikes, Crucible and Gambit also feels pretty stingy if I’m being honest.


We’ll see how it develops but I have a feeling that they might catch some shit from the famously patient and understanding Destiny fanbase for the lack of new loot. (Edit: just had a peek at Reddit and sure enough some people are bitching about it already...).


Certainly better than Shadowkeep of what I’ve played so far and some old returning faces are very welcome. It’s more Destiny and there’s always a base level of high enjoyment to be had in that.


So pretty decent so far on initial impressions but I somehow doubt it’s going to trouble the lofty heights of Forsaken, but then with their reduced resources these days it was never going to and I’d set my expectations as such going into it. Also having it on GamePass on day one it kind of feels like I’m getting it for free anyway. :P

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