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Destiny 2: Lightfall

Uncle Mike

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This is my favourite build for Gambit this season (it's fun in pretty much every other PvE activity too), infinite shoulder charges which make the target explode and take out everything around them. Once you have Roaring Flames up, a single One-Two Punch into shoulder charge one-hits large blockers. Slap the seasonal Solar Fulmination mod on while it's still here to delete entire rooms at once:




(Screenshotting it as DIM currently mangles the notes when you share a build - I've submitted a fix to them)



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Is Duality meant to be absolutely completely utterly impossible unless you play a seasonal Titan meme build? Shall I just wait until next season? Tried it solo, duo and trio all with 100 resilience and 90+ recovery and we're really organised. Galrahn took four hours. I had 2000 kills by the time we downed him. I'm playing with people on console who are getting about 1 kill for every 5 of mine but they're not bad at the game, they just don't have a mouse. We got to vault encounter and it's clear what we're supposed to do, but we can barely move for the tens of legionary mobs spawning all around us and teleporting about as the netcode struggles to cope. When I spectate one of my teammates I can see 5-10 of them spawning in directly behind him as he's fighting the 5-10 of them which spawned in front of him 1 second earlier. Then I watch a Titan vid where some guy the same light level as us is using an overpowered solar build and oneshotting every enemy. 


Although I switch around a lot, my base build uses a catalyst Ager's scepter to generate near infinite super energy. Which is great except no super ammo spawns for minutes at a time despite me having every super/tracerifle ammo mod in existence equipped. It's not even really a case of killing them all fast enough, I just can't wade through them as they constantly spawn right on top of me in every direction.


My solo run I had 500 kills before even seeing a damage phase for the first of 3 bosses in the vault phase and just gave up. 

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Nevermind. I joined some random fireteam of PC players and we did it first time lol


No teleporting shitting enemies either - maybe that's a crossplay bug.


This was normal and we were always over 1580. I'm guessing you need a meme build for solo and my teammates weren't cutting the mustard before.

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Duality/Grasp are probably the most mechanic heavy, with lots to survive/kill.

Prophacy/Shattered throne - once you know what you need to do - are more about surviving enemies/doing enough damage.


I can't recall Pit, because fuck pit.


I don't think any of them have timelimits on encounters so in theory you can do crap damage and as long as you survive the xx minutes to kill boss it makes no difference. 

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Oh yeah Flawless can get to fuck with some of the buggy shit to.

At least in Duality if you solo it you increase you drop chance of the exotic going forward....but then they nerfed the exotic so...🤷‍♂️

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25 minutes ago, Qazimod said:

So we all got the seasonal stats email right?


No 🥲


There's some sort of bug they never fixed for a set of people where we don't get it. I'm opted in to all emails. This time I also updated it to one from another provider, and still nothing.

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